October 16, 2008

and the winner is...

i promised to pick a winner for my half-hearted PiF contest this week, and i really did actually count up the comments and pick a winner on Monday, i just.. uh.. haven't posted since then, because i am lazy. but! we have a winner!

and it is my friend carrie!!

i went old school with the winner-picking this time, and actually wrote out everyone's names on little slips of paper and mushed them all around in a hat coffee mug. and i promise it was completely random, although i will admit i am very happy that i now have an excuse to send things to her extremely chompable baby :-)

some randomness:

*gas prices here are nosediving, like everywhere else... but i think it took a little longer for them to drop in northern va than other places, for some reason. which has resulted in literally 30 cent drops overnight. this morning as i was driving to work, i passed an intersection with a gas station on either side of the road. normally, the prices are within a cent or two of each other, since they're directly across the street from each other, but this morning the price of regular was $3.21 at one station, and $2.97 across the street. that is.... not normal. yesterday morning, both prices were in the $3.30s. not that i'm complaining, mind you. it just illustrates how sudden the price drop has been.

*i was walking around outside my office yesterday, in heels, and stepped on an uneven mound of grass that caused my right foot to flop over unsteadily.... and yet i DID NOT ROLL MY ANKLE. this is MONUMENTAL, people. the physical therapy, it is working!

*a neat website my dad showed me, especially in light of all the mudslinging around negative political ads in last night's debate: PolitiFact. it researches claims made by the candidates during speeches, ads, and debates, and lets you know how accurate the statements are.

tomorrow is friday, which means not only working from home, but seeing my lovely friend shannon, who is coming to town with her husband and baby. i just need to fast forward through today, please...


  1. Someone should do a chart of how up and down the gas prices have gone since about July. It's insane!

    Nice job on not hurting your ankle today. Keep it up!!! :)

  2. all right! whoo hooo!!! we're doing a happy dance around the living room. :)

    have fun tomorrow with that delicious baby!


  3. Glad to hear the physical therapy is working. Makes me hopeful. :)

  4. Oh don't even get me started on gas prices. Back east, gas is under $1/litre. Out west? It finally dropped to $1.20/litre. (Which, by the way, works out to over $4/gallon.) Bastards.

    Am cranky today. Send chocolate.

  5. Nosediving??

    Huh. I need to check out where you are.

  6. Wait, physical therapy is helping? And here I thought all you could do to help would be to lose all this weight! Since you're already too light to give platelets and everything.

  7. congrats on not screwing up your ankle!!

  8. There is this place near my apartment that is still charging like $3.79! Gas is $2.85ish around here. So I'm boycotting it, not jsut for gas but everythign.

  9. Hey, started a new blog.

  10. Oh I'm definitely checking out the politifact site. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. It's been amazing to watch the prices drop, but every time I get excited about it I think "Wow, that price would have annoyed the hell out of me a year ago..."

  12. I’ve got an award for you at my place - hope you will accept it. http://leafprobably.com/2008/10/18/leaf-probably-now-with-award-winning-goodness/