September 11, 2008

california: the picture edition

we did SO MUCH in the short time we were out there, it's going to be hard to write a satisfactory recap without it being reeeally long. i'll try to reign it in, though :-)

we were out there in the first place because my sister is at stanford, getting her masters & phd there in genetics. no big deal, she's just sort of a genius.

we drove out to the coast next, with a brief stop for me:

..and ended up by Half-Moon Bay, at Dune Beach (or... something like that).

the next day was spent in napa, going to several 95 billion a few wineries, and doing a lot of tasting. fyi for locals: i cannot recomment ceja vineyards highly enough. the wine is GREAT. and the people are fantastic.

dinner that night was at ubuntu, a vegitarian / vegan restaurant with its own yoga studio. and OH MY HOLY KALE was this place extraordinary. highly, highly recommend. YUM.

the next day (sober again!) we hit up sausalito & tiburon:

..and berkeley in the afternoon.

the next day was lovely because not only did i finally get to meet the famous miss leyba, but we had a mini highschool reunion of sorts - four of us from lawrenceville all there at the same time. (two of them live in northern california normally, sure... but still!)

it was a fantastic, lovely week, a much-needed break from work. as usual, full sets are up on flickr. hooray california! and tonight i leave for the Outer Banks. september = awesome. :-)


Marie said...

Awesome pics miss busy-bee! Have a great weekend!

Deutlich said...

that sea turnip thing is WEIRD!!!

And those pictures are awesome, especially of the fish.

what camera do you use?

Hillary said...

your pictures are gorgeous! I love the one with the grapes.

moo said...

GREAT pictures ... you look so relaxed and happy!

Jess said...

Being amazingly talented seems to run in your family. Seriously.

Nilsa S. said...

Man how I love northern California. Seriously, you're making me clean up drool as we speak.

Shelly said...

Great pictures! Sounds like an awesome trip!

kilax said...

Fun! I love the photos of the beach! And ubuntu totally sounds like something I would like to try. What an interesting concept for a restaurant!

Swistle said...

Oh, man, look at those GORGEOUS PHOTOS.

pseudostoops said...

OMG you wen't to Alice's. I love Alice's. You have made me feel all nostalgic and wistful and like I MUST MOVE BACK TO CALI RIGHT THIS MINUTE. sigh.

Alexa said...

looking at your pictures makes me realize that i need a new camera!


but it looks like you had a great time!!!

Thomas said...

Everyone looks so happy in these pictures. Except for the baby. I can imagine the baby saying, "I didn't authorize the use of my likeness on your blog, Alice."

Carrie said...

lol, the baby is saying "I know I really need a nap, but mom's friends are WAY too much fun." she fell asleep for the night (over 2 hours early!) about 10 minutes after you all left.

BECK said...

how was your day?
i liked your blog
you are fantastic!!!

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fabulous fantastic
take care
see you said...

YUM! All of a sudden I feel the need to become a vegetarian! that food looked amazing :)

BeckEye said...

I have some friends who once lived on a houseboat in Sausalito. Sounds heavenly.

Great pics...looks like you had a good time!

Have fun in the OBX...I was just there in July/August and I was a complete slug. It was divine.

Whimsy said...

Lovely lovely pictures! You did MUCH better than I did in the photo-documentary portion of your trip. Kudos, seriously. I usually get so caught up in something lame that I forget to take ANY pictures until the last day when I'm madly walking around taking inane pictures of "dog looking out window" and "husband having conversation with cousin", etc.

Pickles and Dimes said...

Fantastic photos! I love the restaurant one, and what is that jellyfish thing someone's holding? (Points deducted from me if it is, in fact, a jellyfish.)