August 17, 2008

pay it forward wonderfulness continues!

remember swistle's group effort pay it forward contest? and how she was hoping it might create fun little loops? well! i think we done got ourselves a fiiiine loop here, because i recently won shauna and jason (and shorty)'s contest over at pickles and dimes!

and, for history, let's take a look at how this played out:

after winning fiona's contest back in june, i went on to participate in the original PiF group effort, and shelly won my contest. and then shauna won shelly's contest. and i won shauna's contest. FUN! LOOPS! swistle, your vision has been realized! :-)

AND! you guys, take a look at the package shauna and jason put together for me:

starting from the top row, that's a BEAUTIFUL stationary set; cat toys for the dopey cats; delicious pomegranate green tea (especially for yoga!!) and a pretty mug to drink it in; a huge tub o' gum for the car (i don't know how they knew i chew so much gum in the car! but i do!); lip smackers (YES SERIOUSLY, HOW AWESOME?); pretty nail polish; a coleman illumistick AND hand warmers; and a large package of gummi bears that mysteriously disappeared within 24 hours of their receipt. INTO MAH BELLY.

and! see that little silver box in the middle?

those are super-cute little magnets. they're all already on my fridge. heart!

as usual, the cats thoroughly enjoyed the package as well:

and i got some help from bella in making sure everything was up to snuff:

and so! now it's time for a new PiF contest from me, which will happen a little later this week once i get myself organized. (i must admit, now that michael phelps' olympics are over, i seem to have a lot more free time. uh, total coincidence, no doubt.)


  1. I'd call this box "Why I can't get out of Target without spending $100."

  2. Great prize! My kids and I made some magnets like that last year as gifts for their godmothers and teachers. Fun project and the magnets are adorable.

  3. Excellent prize.

    As for your contest, I think that a Playstation 3 or an Xbox 360 would be a terrific starting point.

    Just sayin...

  4. Yay for pay it forward contests. And I have similar magnets on my fridge. Love. Serious love.

  5. how fun-yay!

    i love those huge eclipse gum containers - love.

  6. Cool! What a great package! Now I'm even MORE annoyed that I didn't win that contest.

  7. Such an awesome prize!! Love the magnets!

  8. I'm so glad you liked it! I had a blast picking stuff out and I wasn't going to send the Lip Smackers because I know you're not 9, but yet deep in my heart, I would love to get one myself. :)

  9. Awesome package! That Shauna is one awesome girl!

  10. what an awesome gift! I love the magnets

  11. I love magnets too, Hillary.

  12. I wish I was more organised so I could do a competition :(