July 05, 2008


the contest is over! and i'm ON MY COMPUTER during a LONG WEEKEND, which is how much i love you guys. trust me, this is irregular. which is also why i have 89 unread posts in my reader, crap.

anyway! drumroll please... the winner is.... shelly, of notthdaddy! hooray for you! i'm one of the losers who didn't have a package ready to go in advance, so i'll be putting together something for you this week. congratulations! and happy long weekend, everyone!


  1. holy cow, looking at the drinking game below makes me feel very very old.....AND maybe I'll win next time, whatever is going on here...

  2. Speaking of weekends, what's up for next weekend? Drop me an email or something...wait do you have me email address???

  3. Yayay!!!! I emailed you, please let me know if you didn't get it.