July 11, 2008

i dont rite gud when frazzled

chicago! it's tomorrow! ACK! i still have to pack, plan, arrange cats, pack, PACK, and pack. usually i'm a really good packer. like, 10 mins, wham bam thank you ma'am, entire week in europe nimbly packed into a carryon. but this! it's driving me nuts! i think the problem is that i have too many THINGS going on. i need appropriate attire for:

*walking around chicago during the day on saturday
*going out on saturday night (and all the while meeting highly-admired bloggers In Person, so clearly i have to look at least a LITTLE impressive)
*recovering on Sunday / meeting up with sales reps coming in for the conference
*2 days of actual conference, business attire required
*one night of dinner/drinks on the company at some fancypants place
*second night, dinner cruise
*rumors of a scavenger hunt at some point during all this

WTF. that's a lot of outfits / scenarios. and while normally i'm all about taking Carry Ons Only (i worked for an airline, remember, and actually spent some time throwing bags at a hub during one of the strikes - as a result, i have ZERO FAITH in any bag, anywhere, EVER making it to its final destination) but i can't do that for work stuff. i need Full Sized Hair Products in order to make my mop look presentable, and those are larger than 3 oz.

oh, and a heads up to anyone who hasn't heard yet: several major carriers (United, American, Northwest, USAirways, most others likely to follow) are now charging to check ANY bag, even the first. fifteen dolla.

anyway! speaking of hair! i got it cut yesterday. it's nothing special (sort of reminiscent of a short The Rachel, actually, now that i think about it, which ACK) but at least it looks healthier than the stringy mess i had going on before. this is how it looks today, with nothing but a blowdry:

this is a picture i tried to take last night, fresh from the salon, but i was getting a lot of "help" and thus didn't really get any good shots...

so! chicago tomorrow! whee! email me for details if you want them and don't have them!


  1. You look so...WINDLBLOWN! Like you're at a PHOTO SHOOT, or something.

    Scavenger hunt. Classic.

  2. Love your hair! Looks super nice! I do have to say though I do like the "help" you are getting in the second picture.

    Enjoy your time in Chicago and take LOTS of pictures!!

    One last thing, boo to airlines.

  3. The hair looks great, and I want to do one of these scavenger hunts with you sometime. As soon as I figure out what to do with all these KIDS!

  4. Dude, you have red hair? How did I not know this?

    Your hair and perfect complexion are beautiful. (Meaning YOU are too, in case my awkward wording of that previous sentence did not make that clear.)

    Also, that is quite the jump your helper is doing. Props!

    apparently, I don't write gud either today. I blame Workplace! (True story, right after I got interrupted for the 137th time, I uttered out loud, "Fuck you, you fucking fuckers.")

    (am possibly losing my shit here today)

    Have a blast in Chicago!

  5. LOVE the help!

    Maybe the scavenger hunt will be at the place where the conference is held, thus negating any need for safari outfit?

    And may I remind you that you are going to CHICAGO, not the hinterlands of SIBERIA and you could simply PURCHASE products at a local CVS once you arrive? And then donate said products to one of your new blogger friends? Then you wouldn't have to check ANY bags. VOILA. AM GENIUS.

  6. So... You're kitty is effin' adorable. Seriously.

  7. I wash my hair so infrequently (it's as dry as the SAHARA) I can get away with not even bringing full sized hair stuff to BlogHer. I still check a bag though. LOTS OF SHOES!

  8. It might be too late, but just so you know, we Chicagoans just wear jeans out...casual chic.

    So excited to meet you!

  9. THAT is the haircut I wanted two months ago and did not get. Seriously. I'm printing out a picture of your haircut and taking it to my hair guy. Can't wait to meet you!

  10. Hi, your hair looks great and your outfits are cute and I'm jealous of your Chicago trip and HAVE A GREAT TIME XO.

  11. Love the new hair -- have a great time in Chicago! Also: I want to hear more stories abt working for the airline! ~LA

  12. I'm currently (as in RIGHTTHISMINUTE) packing for BlogHer. SO MANY OUTFIT SCENARIOS.

    Boggles mind.

  13. Haircut is looking fab. Have a great trip!

  14. I LOVE the hair! and the color!!! You look great as a red head!

    And I *love* the "helper" picture!

    Wait... "kiss me I'm brunette?" - It looks red in the picture :)

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  16. I'm not sure I can follow up that Anonymous post ... sheesh that was long. And so totally not related. I think you got spammed, ma dear.

    Anyhoo, so terribly sorry I didn't get to see you rock out the new do. It's looking awesome and I'm sure the Chicago humidity only helped it, right? OK, well maybe not, but the beer at Hop Leaf must have. Hope you had a blast!

  17. Cool hair...but that wallpaper gotsya' go!!!!! HAHAHA

  18. Bleh. I'm so bummed I didn't get to meet you :( This weekend was full of craziness.

  19. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have fun!

  20. Nice haircut! I've been meaning to get one myself. There's only so long a cut done at home in front of the bathroom mirror can last before I just plain old look like a homeless person.

  21. First time poster and what do I see???? How to ask for the brown eye from your girl.......I think I will be back for that answer lol.
    But on the topic of packing I am glad I am a guy, I can pack for any trip in 5 minutes flat. Jeans, one pair; Teeshirts, two hand fulls; one suit, covers all special dinners; underwear, one handful; socks, two handfuls; toothbrush; shoes, one dress on gym and ipod. Anything else i can buy when i get there.
    Have fun in the windy city....at least that is what I think its called....?

  22. i hate how i always have to think about packing hair products and lotions and perfumes, etc in smaller sizes. blah.

    your hair looks cute! and your cat?! adorable!