April 21, 2008

rain is a good color for me, i guess

i just ran to the post office to mail off a package,* and the guy who helped me was one of those slightly inappropriate yet harmless older men who tell you repeatedly how pretty you are, and how his day just got a lot better after you walked in, and how your outfit makes you look very "distinguished." (?)

and then when i got back to the office, there was a young fedex guy getting into the elevator who held the doors for me. once in the elevator, i sort of patted my head to get the rivulets of water under control (it's, uh, raining kind of hard out) and he made a comment about how i didn't have to worry about my hair, it looked fine.

me, joking: yeah, i like the frizzy look, anyway.
fedex guy: even if you were worried about your hair, believe me, your body would MORE than make up for it. you look GREAT.
me: oh! um, thank you..!

in conclusion, i am wearing this outfit every day for the rest of my life.

*karl finally gave me the check this weekend, for the full amount. now his stuff is mailed off, and with any luck i'll never have to speak to him ever again, amen.


  1. That's just awesome! Love great compliments! And yes, the weather stinks outside. Ugh, sun, where are you?!

  2. i love unexpected compliments. i feel like i always get them when i least expect it.

    then the days i walk out of my apartment thinking, damn i look good.

    nothing, nada, zilch.

    go figure

  3. No, what you do is find a dozen others similiar to it. ;)

  4. Actually, it kind of creeped me out that he said that. That's a bit much for a conversation with random Fed Ex guy on an elevator. But good for you, that you looked so good! :-)

  5. what! no pix?!? tease... but a very "distinguished" tease...

  6. What outfit are you wearing because I'm going to go buy the exact same thing.

  7. Yeah, where are the pics so we can say hubba hubba?

  8. do you think they make that in my size? ;)

    perhaps it was the bulging forearm muscles that made the outfit.

  9. With any luck YOU'LL never have to speak to the dumbass again. But, umm, can we? I mean, seriously? It'd be fun to poke a little fun at the guy. Sign him up for some good porn newsletters, followed up by wholesome Christian mission calls to action. I'm begging you. One last time - PLEASE?!?! :-)

  10. what are you wearing? a cat suit? steel-tipped stiletto boots?

  11. I consider getting out-of-the-blue compliments nice, but only in theory. In reality, they cause me to turn beet red and stutter incoherently. I'm guessing you don't lose your ability to form sentence or circulate your blood properly in those situations, so YAY for you and your "distinguished" outfit and "GREAT" body!

    And I do hope mailing that package is the last bit of time and effort you'll ever have to waste on that ass ever again.

  12. Huh. Kinda creepy, but I think that compliment would make me feel pretty cool too.

  13. Um, it seems slightly inappropriate to me to make that kind of comment about a random stranger's body, but I would also be totally flattered and never change my clothes again.

    P.S. Amen to that asterisk.

  14. I commented something all witty and funny yesterday but then blogger ate it or something. Gah.

    So here's the replacement:
    Boooo - Rain
    Yay! - FedEx guy and older guy
    Boooooo HiSSSSSS and also good riddance - Karl

    Not witty, but quota time is nipping at my heels...

  15. Men just say whatever they want. I'm just dying to one day say to a man, "Wow, the way your pants highlight your bulge is very becoming."

    I remember this one time, back when I was about 30 pounds lighter, I was running for the elevator at my old job and these 3 50-ish guys were inside and held it. I got in and said thanks and the one said, "Oh, of course I would hold it for YOU." Then he proceeded to stand about an inch from me, FACING me instead of facing the doors like his other 2 friends, staring at my chest.

    When I got back to my desk, I told this dude that I worked with about it and how creepy the guy was. He asked, "Were you wearing a jacket?" and I said no. Then he just looked right at my chest and was like, "well, yeah" and shrugged. I had on a TURTLENECK. Granted, it was very form fitting, but still. It's not like I was sporting any major cleavage. Men are so weird. You'd think tits would get old after a while, but no.