April 08, 2008

first ever wwc! and a stupid cat

i've been telling moo at moo's moo for AGES that i would start participating in the weekly words photo challenge... and now that i have my house / life / camera / internet back, i finally did! this week's words were smooth and rough:

first we have my cat's corrugated cardboard scratching thingy:

..and then this gorgeous vase that my parkour girlfriend & her husband brought back from their honeymoon in japan. it looks rough and textured, but it's been glazed so thoroughly that it's completely smooth to the touch:

yay wwc! info on participating here, if you're interested.

so i was in the shower this morning getting ready for work, right? and my cat is inexplicably drawn to running water of any kind, so he usually hangs out in the windowsill of my bathroom when i'm showering. (if i'm running water in the sink, he hangs out IN THE SINK.) here's a crappy phonepic of my bathroom layout:

over to the left is a huge awesome soaking tub; above that is the window he likes to sit in and watch the metro traffic; and then obviously my shower. so while i'm in there this morning, he kept reaching out from his perch on the window sill and putting his little paws up on top of the shower wall. i was like, hee! how cute! cat paws above my head!

and then, like the stupid moron cat he is, he jumped. onto that teeeeeeeny tiiiny ledge that makes up the top of the shower wall.

he almost immediately realized his mistake, and sort of started to freak out. so now he's there, hanging halfway into my shower, scrabbling his back feet around in vain, and getting the Crazy Eye. his options were now:

a) somehow get back down the way he came, which involved a 6-foot drop backwards into a porcelain tub;

b) figure out a way to turn around on a 1-inch wide ledge that he can't get his back feet up onto;

c) continue forward, which involved a 6-foot drop into a running shower;

d) use my naked body as a stepladder down.

i decided preemptively that option d) was NOT a very good option, especially for me, so i turned the shower off and tried to pry him off the ledge and put him down while incurring the least bodily harm possible. i don't know how many of you have tried to wrangle freaked out cats from high places before? but it's not the easiest of tasks, especially when the cat has all. its. claws.

the worst part is this cat has never once learned from his past experiences, so this could very likely become part of our morning routine.


  1. So, the question is, how many scars do you have from this morning's adventures?!

  2. I'm glad to hear your cat has its claws, though. That makes me like you as a pet owner even more.

    Also, the illustrations are brilliant.

  3. I have a cat that stupid as well. He loves to jump in the bathtub after it drains, I guess because it is still somewhat warm, but occasionally he forgets to let it drain first.

  4. LMAO on the visual ... one of our cats always loved water, too, and we couldn't keep her out the shower. Good times.

    HOORAY for WWC. LOVE the photos ... I can tell you're going to be good at this!

    From the tone of this post it almost seems like you're feeling better. Are you feeling better? It's GOT to be better, knowing that scumbag isn't living in the same abode anymore, no?

  5. Alice, you had me laughing out loud! I can just imagine a crazy cat hovering over the shower and the anxiety/annoyance you must've felt. Hysterical. I assume everyone came out of the situation unwounded?

  6. Oh man. If that becomes part of the morning routine, you may have to start closing the door so the cat can't come in.

  7. Oh dear god, that was hilarious. Loved the illustration!

    One of our cats likes to lick the water off the shower walls while the other is drinking straight out of the sink faucet - god.

  8. Hi, I came over from Moo's place to see your WWC pics (lovely vase!) and then laughed at your cat and the shower incident. My cat is not curious, so she doesn't provide anywhere near as much entertainment.

  9. Wow, WWC AND a good story. Very very nice. Loved your pictures. And the cat story is priceless. We have a kitty that sits in the shower after we are done because she loves the heat. But none have attempted such an impressive feat as your did before.

  10. ROFL! So... life's getting back to normal huh? ;)

    (Love the illustration! :D )

  11. I'm still chuckling over that diagram. Welcome to the WWC! And well played! I lurve that vase.

  12. Great entries for the WWC. I came from Tink's blog. Love the story about the cat. Mine is too much of a 'fraidy cat to be in the bathroom with the shower running.

  13. Hey wait, Tink does the same photo thing at Pickled Beef.

    Cats ... another reason to own a dog.


  14. hehe, your morning routine looks like fun :)

  15. This is awesome! And ironic, the cat being drawn to water and all.

  16. Welcome to the WWC, nicely done. Funny story. {shaking head} Freekin' cats :)

  17. Welcome to WWC. I've got one of those cat thingies too--they stand next to it while they scratch at the area rug!

  18. Cats ... another reason to own a dog. - Jef

    I couldn't agree more! :)