March 26, 2008

my focus has been a bit.. uh.. scattered? shall we say? at work this week, so i'm finding myself scouring the internet more than usual in between trying to close the quarter without any of my sales reps coming to my office and scalping me. one of the most useful bits has been the awesome meme that's been going around, where you list a bunch of song lyrics and the readers try to name the song/artist, and complete the blank lyrics. i'm INCREDIBLY LAME when it comes to music, and tend to listen to my same 12 cds that i've had for the past 400 years over and over again.. so it's been a lot of fun looking up all these songs and artists and listening to new music on youtube all day long. (lfar: i'm listening to your muxtape site now. superb!)

filling in movie lines from the same meme also reminded me how much i adore the movie amelie, and how long it's been since i've seen it. i'm going to buy the dvd tonight on the way home. i'd recommend this movie to ANYONE. it's gorgeously made, interesting, unique, and adorable. you do have to be OK with subtitles (or speak french), but it's so, so worth it.

you all have been really fantastic these past few days. i can't tell you how much i appreciate the support and internet love you've provided while i've been trying to get my life back in order. (karl groupies: this obviously excludes you. although i bet you'll change my mind soon enough if you just keep commenting!) you're a lovely, supportive, awesome bunch, and i hope people tell you that many times a day, every day. internet hugs for all :-)


  1. I heart you so much, and I have to admit that I have been reading the comments on your posts as my internet distraction. That Karl groupies are beyond comprehension. I'm glad you're no longer one of them.

  2. He has groupies?

    The hell?

    Sorry I haven't contributed more to distraction, I only got internet back today about an hour ago, can I just say how hellish it is that I had no internet OR cable since early this morning? EVIL.

  3. Yeah, I was out of the loop, too. I just went back and read the groupie comments. Lame as hell. But then, when you're defending a douchebag, you really don't have much of a leg to stand on. And wow, you have been a class act throughout this. You hadn't even told us much of what went down. He is a lame little worm, that he couldn't even confront you in person.

  4. Ok - I just got caught up on your blog after being far, far away from a computer for a week.

    Sweet Jesus, Alice - I am so sorry! What a fucking lunatic to threaten legal action to stay until March 31? What a classless jackass.

    You know this already, but you are clearly better off without him.

    I think you should UTTERLY IGNORE him. Even if he asks you questions, says nasty shit...don't acknowledge his present ONE TINY BIT until he is gone. The rage may really bubble at the surface, but don't give in.


    And groupies? What?

    I have only had one bad breakup that I couldn't spring back from within a reasonable amount of time. I struggled with my own reaction as much as I struggled with being left. I am thinking of you, I am!

    Oh, and nice new blog template!

    And yes - Amelie is one of the best movies ever made. Awesome. Watch it again - TONIGHT.

    Oh - and the scavenger hunt!! HOW FREAKIN' FUN!!! I am so incredibly jealous right now...

  5. I went back and read the comments, and HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I love the theory about how when an important relationship breaks up, you're supposed to shrug and say "These things happen!" or else you're a crazy person. NICE.

    I agree with Artemisia: after a bad break-up, I never regret what I DIDN'T say/do, and I always regret what I DID say/do.

  6. Awww honey, I think we've both felt the bloggie love this week. It's amazing how friends near and far can carry you through a difficult situation or tumultuous time. And even though I don't live near you, I do know the DC Metro system, so tell me which stop and I'll come over (planes, trains and automobiles style) to break knee caps, if needed. :-)

  7. I'm glad music lyrics have brightened your day. :-)

    The Karl groupies...uh, yeah. How they have so much defense for this guy. Folks, take away the part where he's your friend, and just look at the facts. It was an awful thing to do. Period. No excuses. Move along.

  8. If you need new music ideas...let me know! I'm uber lame with music myself (though I am super surprised that you think you are!), but Matthieu has a huge collection.

    You're doing wonderful so far sweetie...I'm really proud of you of how you've managed everything so far in spite of everything.

    I think I'm better with words in this situation than on the phone...thats strange since I usually can't stop talking!

  9. My wife watches CMT in the morning. The Taylor Swift video "Pictue to Burn" has come on a time or two and I think about you. But you are hotter than Taylor Swift.

    You'll be back on your feet soon!


  10. Eh. Even Charles Manson had groupies. Does not a good person make.

    Or even a very interesting person. Dude has no car, a shitload of debt, and makes roughly $15k/year after taxes. (Apparently THAT'S what a Masters in "Creative Writing" will get you these days!)

    Remind me NOT to sign on for a lifetime of THAT. Where could you go with no money? How would he take you there with no car? And the "no soul" part, does that make it hard for him to shave in the morning? Since he can't see his face in the mirror and all?

  11. yeah... a karl groupie.. hey, it's your space, i'm all for speaking freely. but you are publicly attacking someone over a private matter, i feel the humane thing to do is to bring a little bit of the alternate perspective.

    'd enclose my e-mail but i'd rather not know you people. (vengeful mob? no thanks.) alice, you seem to be leveling, that's good to see. i'm glad you have such a vivid cheering section.

    as for maturity? no one expects heartbreak, it can only happen when you have faith in someone - but hate-mongering in a public forum does not strike me as mature.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. anon- explain how i'm publicly attacking him? i laid out the facts. it's not my fault he did things he wishes the world didn't know about.

    as for hate-mongering: it's not exactly like i'm pleading with others to hate him in this situation. it seems to be a natural reaction, oddly enough.

    rest assured, i don't think he merits any more of my thoughts, or my time. you'll notice i didn't even mention him in this post, just you persistent folks. you're the ones continuing the dialogue at this point.

  14. Ya, Anon, post a name if you want street cred.

    And Alice, I'm SOOOO happy you visited me today. You made my day!


  15. Alice,
    So glad you are moving on from this guy (won't mention his name).
    You should feel proud to know that you are the one who has taken the higher road. Keep your head up and keep on moving on.

    From what jacquie wrote, he did not have much of a future. Seems like a loser, so let that ex have him to love and support for the rest of her life.

  16. Vanessa wants to explain to us about the Humane Thing To Do and then also? about Maturity.


    omg sorry. I'm totally done. Sorry about that.


    Okay no seriously.

    HA. hahahaha. snort. haaaaa. sorry. I can't even type that with a straight face.

  17. so i stumbled on this blog awhile ago and come back every once in a while because you are a good writer with entertaining stories....but i have to say, i was completely heartbroken when i read about your recent troubles. what a dick!

    anyway - on to better things, like music! i am definitely like you with the listening to the same cd's over and over again. and then i discovered the npr music section. its great! i have discovered so many new and great bands on it! you should check it out. special bonus - right now they have a bunch of live concerts from this years south by southwest festival

  18. Amelie is seriously one of my most favorite movies. LOVE. Glad you're hanging in there, girl. I've been thinking about you!

  19. The Karl groupies are just a waste of your time. As Jacquelyn said, even Charles Manson had groupies. Hell, Ted Bundy had female groupies even after he was convicted of raping and murdering multiple women. There's just no getting through to a groupie.

    And I'm the same way with music--the bulk of what I listen to is the same stuff I've been listening to for ages. Add the fact that I don't watch television and hardly listen to the radio now, and you can imagine how very slowly my music collection expands.

  20. the whole internet hugs thing ... that just made me smile. i'll be smiling every time I think of that expression.

  21. I just wanted to say hi - you know, as one of the vengeful mob. You may not be able to see me, but I'm totally waving my burning torch at you! Hey! Can you see me? I'm behind the guy manning the battering ram.

    I've got to go though - We're just waiting to unjustly attack a completely sensible and nice person who makes good decisions. Because we're a vengeful mob, and that's what we do. Toodle-oo!

  22. I love that movie so much! I'll have to borrow the BF's copy so I can watch it again.

  23. You don't even know how much I love making mixtapes. If you're into maybe not legal file sharing, I'll send you one anytime.

    To the government: TOTALLY KIDDING.