February 11, 2008

::fanfare please::

dear internet, i have a very important announcement to make:

i have a new place to live :-) :-)

i put down a deposit on a RIDICULOUSLY FANTASTIC place yesterday. it's about 3.8 seconds (walking!!) to the metro, not too much further from my office, and wonderfully, ludicrously enormous. two large bedroom, two full bathrooms, a fireplace, a laundry room, full updated kitchen, and even a wee balcony. cat friendly. nice landlord. oh! and i'm not sure which of these points are more exciting:

(a) no random parents; or

(b) i'll be living there with karl!

my weekend in florida was FANTASTIC, as well. more on that later, once i've caught up with work a bit. and when i stop doing little happy dances that i no longer need to have conversations like this:

mom with whom i live: alice? i think your cat maybe was sick while you were away.

me: ooh, really?

mwwil: yes. in the room next to yours. you should go look.

me, to self: you.. just left it there....? all weekend...?

me, to self: you just called me back into the house, from the doorstep, as i was closing the door behind me. this is clearly a fantastic time for me to go back upstairs.

me, out loud: right. i'll look later.

later, by the way? i went in and found that a cat had in fact puked on the bed in the spare bedroom that the mom sometimes uses. on a blanket that until that point, i was not aware they had taken from me to use.




  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! New place! With KARL! YAY!

    I am a little bit excited for you, in case the exclamation points weren't enough of a clue.

  2. I cannot get over how freaking crazy these parents are. Are their kids screwed up, because they obviously have some issues. So excited for you and your beautiful new place!

  3. whoot! Hooray! Yippee!

    The new place sounds fantastic, as does the new roomie!

    This should make for a great start of a new week!

  4. Monday could not greet me with better news. Sounds fantastic. So, do your parents care you're moving in with the man??? :-)

  5. That is great, Alice! I am so happy for you! (And your cat! And Karl!)Heehee!

  6. Maybe you can change your blog name to "Life with Karl".

    Good for you.


  7. Karl? Check
    Giants Super Bowl? Check
    Great new apartment? Check.

    I like how things are shaping up for you, Alice. Well done. Well done indeed!

  8. OMG, you are moving in with your boyfriend?? That is so exciting!

    OMG, you are leaving behind the house of psychos?? That is so exciting!

  9. Very excellent! Congratulations. And I am so jealous of your fireplace by the way...

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! On ALL of it!!!

  11. Congratulations. That is so exciting. So exciting that you are actually looking forward to the hell of moving!

  12. Living with someone elses parents in a flatting situation is just nuts.

    Concrats on the new place! Sounds perfect!

  13. oh yay! I love fabulous places to live that you ENJOY. Not that I would not know of such a thing right now.