January 31, 2008

call me gumby

i haven't, historically, been a fan of yoga. i mean, i love the CONCEPT, and i know it's all good for you, blah blah blah stretchy strong centered etc, but i PERSONALLY have never enjoyed it. i'm freakishly non-flexible which, yeah, i know, that means yoga is perfect for me! i need it more than most people! it would be life changing! BUT it also means that yoga is REALLY HARD and PAINFUL since even the "resting" poses are kind of hard and twisty for me. also, i don't know if i'm doing something terribly wrong or what? but if i do a full yoga class my fingers and toes always hurt a ton. and my wrists. too much pressure during downward dog, or something?

ANYWAY. i'm a member of gold's gym, and one of the things i love is that they offer fantastic classes (like the kickboxing one i had homicidal fantasies during attended on monday). i do much better in a class than trying to work out on my own, because

a) they force me to stay a whole hour, and on my own i'm
all "eh, it's been 15 mins. i'm tired. ooh, look, milkshakes!" and

b) i work harder when there are other people watching

AND they have badass classes like "body combat," which is the fake kickboxing one i do, or "body pump," which is an hour long weightlifting class. they also have one called "body flow," which i never did because seriously, how lame does that sound? PSSH.

uh, except i finally went last week, because i'm actually sticking to that vague "work out more! ish?" pledge i made, and i was really tired that day and the thought of an actual workout made me want to cry. and. AND! i LOVE this class! it's a mixture of yoga and pilates (which i'd also never done successfully, because OMG TEH HARD) and it's fantastic. i've been twice in 2 weeks now (!!) and i honestly think my stomach is flatter and stronger. and the class is actually enjoyable! and doesn't hurt me! i think the combo of not-100%-hardcore-yoga and not-100%-hardcore-pilates works out really well for me. just enough tough pilates stuff that i can see results, and not so much yoga that my hands hurt and i get all dejected because MY BODY DOESN'T DO THAT, WTF.

so! to sum up: i sort of like yoga! weird!*

*it's sort of alarming to note that a 2835172 word entry can be completely summed up in 6 words. CHATTY? ME? NEVER.


  1. Ha ha! Kudos to finding something that works and that keeps your interest. I do like yoga a lot (although I have to modify EVERY POSE) but I hate, HATE, taking it as a class. HATE.

  2. My sister-in-law gave me a Yoga-Pilates DVD that I like even though I don't like yoga and I don't like pilates.

  3. Yay! More pilates people! Although I've temporarily abandoned my pilates video in favor of the morning elliptical/treadmill thing.

  4. Maybe this body flow class is the exact introduction you need to pilates and yoga. Lite-style. And once you begin to master that class, you can work your way up to full pilates/yoga classes. I'm in awe you've been able to workout more-ish. I need to do that!

  5. I've just went to a similar class at Sport and Health, but they call it Yogalates. It was a nice cool down after my intense spin class. And I am not what you would call flexible either!

  6. I SO do not have the patience for BodyFlow. They offered it in the gym at college, and our swim coach decided it was just what our team needed. I thought I was gonna die.

    However, typically after swim practice, but before swim coaching, I was walk across the hall and bring my chlorinated self to BodyPUMP. I was a BEAST, okay? The one-armed BEAST.