December 12, 2007

a few quick things

a) when i get really irritated with work stuff, i sometimes allow this anger to express itself in the documents rather than, say, at a coworker. or client. this is why i currently have a document saved to my desktop called "Clusterf0ck" and why one of my passwords to a work program is "F*ckthis11".

b) i have a stupid cold. it's not even a bad one, so the amount of moping and mournful sighing i'm doing is entirely unjustified. but DARN IT my throat hurts, and i feel like poo, and i want to go lie down and YES i'd like some cheese with my whine THANKYOUVERYMUCH. sniffle.

c) i put up a christmas tree! i'll post some pictures of both the lovely finished product soon, as well as of oliver destroying it. sigh.

d) i went to the wife's holiday party last night. the holiday party for the job she talks about in this interview, i mean. which meant that there was a lot of in-talk about scalpels and jokes about.. well.. scalpels. the wife found this horrifying. i found this HILARIOUS. there was even a poetry segment to the evening, wherein employees were invited to share poems they'd written about their position in the donor organization. these poems were.. sort of not good. somewhere in the realm of fantastically awful, actually. i thought the wife was going to die. i was having a GRAND time, though. i even wrote a poem for them! there was an apparently hysterical joke at one point that i didn't get because it involved a "twenty-two," and the wife explained (looking mortified) that a twenty-two blade is another name for the scalpel. so! i wrote this poem for my new tissue recovery friends:


in life you were a pretty girl
with coach and fendi shoe
but things have changed a touch these days
due to my twenty-two.


  1. Okay, I am relatively new to your blog, so forgive me if this has been explained before, but who is the wife? I've seen that she's mentioned in a lot of your posts - is she your sister?

    Oh, and I so write down angry stuff, too, rather than spew it at people. I'm very non-confrontational.

  2. I love that password, and also that poem. Heh.

  3. You are a brilliant poet. I had no idea. I was going to say that I didn't even know it, but I couldn't bring myself to type it.

  4. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    Get well soon. :D

  5. HATE.


  6. if you haven't already, pick up some zinc lozenges! they work wonders for colds!!! i especially like yummy fructose sweetened ones from whole foods... hope you feel tons better soon! (and lol about the poem btw) xoxo

  7. OMG - that poem, like you, is priceless! :-)

  8. clusterfock.doc

    That would be fantastic if you had to send it to some high-up muckity-muck and forgot to change the name. Or if you were out sick and someone had to get into that program and you had to tell them the password.

    All would be fantastic as long as you didn't get fired. :)

  9. I like that idea. I usually take out my work frustrations by drinking when I get home. Maybe I should try your way.

    And I think your poem was awesome...

  10. I had documents like that on my old laptop. Unfortunately, when it died, a friend of the family had to help me recover some files and I had to distract him every time one of those file names would pop up. I've resolved to be more creative and/or use acronyms this time around...

  11. you gotta go with your gift. read away. your wife has to forgive you - she's your wife! hahahaha!

  12. Why have I never thought of any of those work coping mechanisms?! You're brilliant given that and your poem :)

  13. That password ROCKS.

    Feel better soon! I just gulped down some nasty Airborne fizzy shit to try and avoid the cold bouncing around my office...

  14. Have you cut yet?
    I came across your page because I am having sunday hair cut or to grow.
    Of course the new Katie Holms look is going to be very popular. I've been thinking about it myself. But then I remember that I have been trying to get it to grow out. I think you have great hair. Sure, you might want more volume but I think a good stylist can give this to you without having to cut it all off. An all over richer hair color could probably add a lot of depth and shine. Listen to me...I should take some of my own advice. I am envious of your wavy hair.
    Good luck.

  15. Take about 16 of these comments and call us in the morning.