December 07, 2007


um. so, uh. hi! ::cough:: well, that was awkward. you know that post i wrote wednesday? where i linked to whoorl's site and then asked you guys to comment on my hair? uh. yeah. i didn't mention it in the original post since it wasn't hugely relevant, but the reason she decided to postpone more Hair Thursdays until 2008 was a VASTLY VALID one. but then she saw my stupid measly post and got all guilty (apparently i was actually slotted to go yesterday! o, irony! i assumed i still had like 30 brazillion people in front of me, so what with the extra break it would be like 168 months before it was my turn. NOT SO, it seems. oops.)

so! whoorl decided she'd still do the four of us who were meant to go this month on dec 20th, despite my horrified email stating, roughly, OMG PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT JUST BECAUSE I AM WHINEY. ack. but she's going ahead with it, and also wrote a post saying she would do the rest of december's hair clinics because she'd seen my blog and felt guilty. and then 750 people came to my blog yesterday. literally, 750. my normal daily hits hover around 50. so! uh! hi, everyone who came from whoorl! YES, I AM THE ASSHOLE. somewhat surprisingly, i got no reprimanding emails from her (apparently very nice! hi!) readers.

um. so a) i am an internet jerk, b) thank you thank you thank you everyone for the hair suggestions! the katie holmes bob seems to have the most votes:

although the last commenter made a compelling case for NOT cutting it too short and/or overdoing the layers, and suggested something like this:

..but heck, now that i know i actually DO have an Official Whoorl Opinion upcoming, i'll wait to see what she says too. but i would like to note how fantastically rocking you guys are with all your help.

and finally! c) my wife is famous! check out her interview at the washington post here.


  1. Hahaha you upset the equilibrium of the internets. And got tons of hits as a result. Cool. You rock.

  2. I saw Whoorl's post yesterday, featuring your plea. Nice job. Take her away from her kid and family. Make her slave away while on vacation. What kind of friend are you??? (How's that for berating??)

    Actually, I think it's hilarious. Brings this whole blogging world quite a bit closer. Can't wait to see your very own famous feature in a couple weeks!

  3. Oh, that is funny, but I would be really squirmy, too.

    I, too, have a GIGANTIC forehead. *sigh*

  4. Whoorl seems to be awesome at hair suggestions, so I'd totally wait for her too.

    (But I really like the style and length on that second picture :)

  5. HI there, found you by lurking via this wonderful blogosphere. Yay! I'd like you to know that I too suffer from hair-paranoia, aka I can never get it to do something I like for more than two days. So I usually end up growing it, then cutting it off... etc. I love the Katie Holmes bob, I almost went for it but was afriad my hair was too thin to pull it off. Let me know how it goes. I do have one product suggestion for you that I use and firmly support: Bumble and Bumble thickening spray. Seriously LOVE. You spray it on wet hair and blow dry or you can even put it on dry hair and blow dry, works wonders. Come check me out sometime, I'm also random:)

  6. I think the Katie Holmes might still be the best compared to pic #2. But what do I know, I'm not whoorl, whoever that may be.

  7. Bossy doesn't so much want a new hairstyle as New Hair. Who can make that happen?

  8. Hi, after seeing your photo I'm gonna vote for the Katie Holmes bob. Your face shape looks sort of like hers, and I think it'd be hot. All done!