October 26, 2007

the first step is admitting it

i have a Problem. it's a Blogging Problem. see, i'll go and do something exciting - like, say, travel to europe - and then feel like i need a sweet! awesome! blog post! when i get back, complete with pictures and links to finished flickr galleries. and so i'll delay posting until i get my pictures in order, for example, except we all know me by now and HA HA organized? not so much. so then i keep not posting, because it seems silly to post about a weekend in boston before i've even talked about europe yet, and then things just keep piling up more and more until OH GOD IT'S BEEN A WEEK AND I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED FLICKR AND I HARDLY EVEN REMEMBER EUROPE AAUUUUGH also no blogs.

so! here is a brief rundown of my life lately:

1. I Had a Birthday Party:

the wife got me that cake. it was made of unicorns and fairy wings, i think. what i'm trying to say is that it was DEELICIOUS.

2. My Friend Liz Got Engaged:

OK, technically this happened earlier, but I hadn't seen the rock yet. it was purdy. :-)

3. It Was My Mom's Birthday, Too!

that's my mom! she's wee. the wife wrote about this too (and in a more timely fashion), but my mom's bday party for all her little friends was at a neat art studio in Princeton, where you can make your own glass plates. you design 'em and stick colored glass on 'em however you like, then they fuse the plates for you and it's all very neat. here's the wife making hers:

4. My Dad Got Drunk:

ok, this really doesn't have to do with anything, except i'd never seen him smashed before, and it was hilarious. note: he does not actually smoke.

5. It Was My Real Birthday! In Germany!

this is Christina and I at a bar in Frankfurt, celebrating my official Day Of Birth. She brought an adorable little cake candle which i held over my beer before blowing it out.

6. Oh Right, Also That Whole Europe Thing!as you may know, europe is pretty doggone awesome. this is the main square in a teeny little town called Rothenburg ob ter Tauber, which still has its entire wall from ye olde medieval days, and all the houses look like these ones here, and it's basically the most picturesque town i've ever seen. it's also a huge tourist trap, but i avoided the really obnoxious crowds by going in October when it was already sort of chilly. go me!

so far i have exactly one flickr album set up, and it's of my first few days in germany, including rothenburg up there. in case you have some time on your hands and stuff, it's here.

7. Then I Went To Boston: i went up with karl, approximately .0054 minutes after getting back from europe, so i was maybe a little jetlagged. it was really fun though, i got to meet a bunch of his grad school friends, and also accidentally put my head through the front window of his friends' house, which was less awesome. i was trying to close a window early sunday morning when we woke up to catch a flight, except that instead of the window closing, as typically happens when you push down on the bottom ledge, the entire window swung out of the casing and smashed straight down over my skull. it was loud. there was a lot of glass. and embarassement, mostly on my part. because there's nothing like meeting people for the first time and then flamboyantly breaking their house, you know? at least they'll remember me. eek.

so, anyway! i'll try to get more pictures up this weekend, but i have yet another full plate coming up with out of town visitors and halloween parties aplenty. what are you all dressing up as? this year i didn't put any thought into my costume until about, oh, yesterday.... so i'm being a snow bunny. as in, i'm dressing up like a preppy ski-logde gal, and adding bunny ears and a tail. HEY IT'S A COSTUME. ISH. SHUT IT.


  1. Good Times!
    Um.., did you put lipstick on your toasted dad, or was it the wine that made his lips so red?

  2. oooh man...love the pic of your dad....too funny i couldnt stop laughing!! hahahaha!!! where did he get the cigar and did he get drunk on your mom's bday?

  3. You rock the Reader's Digest version.

  4. your dad looks like a British comedian. Are you tall?

    I like your brown stripe shirt.


  5. I have a similar blogging problem! It takes me forever to get around to posting things too.

    The cake looks awesome, I love your brown striped shirt, the glass plates thing looks super fun, and if you hadn't mentioned it, it would have never ocurred to me that your dad was drunk! (maybe I just haven't been around enough drunk people :-P )

  6. Um... Let the birthday spanking commence.

  7. That is so awkward about the window, but hey... like you said, definitely memorable. And also, I WANT TO HEAR MORE ABOUT KARL PLEASE. NOW.

  8. See, if you didn't write about your life the way you do, then you wouldn't be Alice. Seriously, I love the time capsule of the last month of your life. I have the exact opposite problem. I get so excited about writing about my trip, I never get past Day 2. :-) Thanks for your well wishes!

  9. I do the EXACT same thing! There are no posts about New York, about the food co-op...all things I really want to write about...

    However, great job on this post! I love the photos. Drunk dad = awesome.