September 27, 2007

wuv, TWOOOOOO wuv

remember the shoes? which did not return?

i rebought them!
i love you,! i love you a million!
i did have to pay literally 4x the amount i paid for these shoes the FIRST time i bought the darn things, but if you couldn't tell from that first post? i CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THESE SHOES so it was worth it.

ps, for the 6 people in america who may not have seen it yet: omg, shoes.


  1. Yay! You found them. Sometimes, the money is just worth it. This is CLEARLY one of those times.

  2. Worth every penny. I still wonder about the old ones. Where could they BE? Shoe burglar?

  3. Yay! So they were the right ones!

  4. Looks like it's a happy shoe day for both of us! BTW, even if your original shoes do show up, you can save them for when this pair wears thin!

  5. Well, those are pretty awesome shoes! Glad you are shoe happy once again :)

  6. Just wanted to let you know that yes, I did enjoy the Princess Bride quote.