September 20, 2007

good things

normally, right about now, i'd be a big ball of whining and complaining. it's the infamous end of the quarter at work, which means loooong hours and a lot of stress and basically waaah wah wah wah woe is me i work so hard sniffle boo hoo puke. but! despite all that crap, there are so many other awesome things to report that i can't even complain properly, and if you've been reading this site for any length of time, you know that's quite something.

good thing the first:
i am totally in love with regina spektor. my little sister actually introduced me to her, and then got me begin to hope for christmas last year, and now 9 months later i have yet to tire of that album. i've listened to it literally hundreds of times, and i love it every time. i love her voice, i love her whimsy, i love how she plays piano, i love her tone. i love how cleanly she hits each note and how she plays with her voice. and i also love that she was in concert last night in baltimore, and i went to see her with my wonderful friend amanda and her husband. :-)
the concert was great - the venue was small and intimate, everyone had a good view of the stage, and you could hear perfectly. there were also all the normal screamed declarations of love from the audience that you tend to hear at concerts ("i fucking love you regina!" "you're so fucking beautiful!" and the always thoughtful "i'd go lesbian for you, regina!"). but at one point the girl behind me called out something i thought was particularly sweet, although i don't think it was loud enough to carry all the way up to the stage, which is a shame. if i were regina, i would have liked to hear this comment, which was less a rabid exclamation of lust than sort of a matter-of-fact comment: "you make my life better, regina!"

*that picture is not actually from the concert, because i did not bring a camera. the guy in front of me did, though, and took some really awesome pictures, and i actually asked him to share, but it didn't go so well.

me: hi! i have a question for you, but it might be too weird, so please just feel free to tell me if it's too weird.
guy: *looks apprehensive*
me: i saw that you took some really fabulous pictures during the show... do you think you might possibly email some of them to me?
guy: *looks really uneasy*
me: if it's too weird that's fine. it's weird, isn't it. no worries.
guy: ...well... no, i mean.... that's ok, i guess. although i'd need your email address...
me: oh! right. uh, i don't have a pen. do you?
guy: no.
me: hmm. well, it's "alice wonderland zero" at gmail?
guy: huh??
me: alice wonderland. like alice in wonderland?
guy: huh???
me: alice? in wonderland? but no in.
guy: uh, maybe i should put this in my phone.
guy: *takes out phone*
me: ok, well it's "alice... wonderland... the number zero."
guy, very much not putting it in his phone: right. where? like what domain name?
me: gmail.
guy: huh?
me: gmail.
guy: huh???
me: G... MAIL..?
guy: *blank stare*
me: gmail...?
guy: .........what is that, like, dot net?
me: ah. thanks anyway! have a nice night!

good thing the second:
giants! this weekend! i'll be there! in case you forgot!

good thing the third:
hee, look what was waiting for me when i got home from work tonight, tired and cranky and frazzled at 9:30pm:
...and it's from a BOY. ;-)


  1. Those look like VEC (Very Expensive Chocolates), and they are from a BOY? SPILL IT, SISTER.

  2. Oh lordy, too funny with the gmail thing. Great litmus test.

  3. Ooooh, A BOY??? Definitely makes up for the idiot at the show!

    PS - I went to a concert last night, too and blogged about it today (before seeing what you wrote about)!!! Joss Stone and Common. It was awesome!

  4. Chocolates from a boy!
    Chocolates from a boy!
    Chocolates from a boy!
    Chocolates from a boy!
    Chocolates from a boy!
    Chocolates from a boy!

    Did you save us any? :D

  5. WHO'S THE BOY? WHO IS IT? Also I love how you took a picture. And those are fancy, too. No Russell Stover for this boy, apparently.

  6. Do people really buy Russell Stover chocolates? That is NASTY. I have a little chocolate shop walking distance from my condo. Love going in just for a piece or two. (When chocolate is that good you can't eat more than one anyway.)