July 31, 2007

Dear Wife: OK! Love, Wife

per the wifey's request, more kitty!

the ones on the right are some pictures i took about a week ago to compare to when he was still a wee little guy. he's HUGE now. like almost a regular cat and everything. luckily he still acts like a neurotic and spazzy kitten (i've never known any cats who chased their own tails so much or who fell off/down/into things so often. it's AWESOME.) he and the dog, cujo, still spend all waking hours that they're in the house together fighting to the death. oliver's nearly as big as cujo now, so i expect him to come out the clear victor any day now.

even with all the growth though, he is still wee and soft and furry and basically this is where i get all stereotypical girl on you because HEE! SO CUTE! WITH THE FUR! AND THE CUTENESS! and the falling off my bed and the teeny backflips he accidentally does while trying to attack feathers and basically OMG GUSH.

uh. further kitten requests at your own risk.

ps: what i got at the grocery store tonight:
  1. kitty litter
  2. kitten food
  3. single serving of mac & cheese (dear mom, it was organic though!)



  1. HAHAHA. YOU ARE THE BEST WIFE EVER. Also that reminds me of back when I had a picture phone and I would send Robbie pictures titled "grocery store," and it would be whatever three or four items I happened to be picking up. Which were inevitably, like, (1) dog bone, (2) dog biscuits, (3) orange juice.

  2. So, so cute!!!! I *love* kittehs. I think you should post pictures once a week or so. : )

  3. Ah, nothing like Kitty Porn. :)

  4. Ack! The adorableness of the kitteh!

    And I totally undestand the grocery thing. It's even sadder when it's like Kitty litter, cat food, ice cream, wine. Boo hoo, single cat lady.

    Just as an FYI, I am submitting to you a standing request for more kitteh.

  5. ... oh lord ... then they grow up and puke on top of the cabinets ...


  6. Kittens are so cute. It's a shame that they have to grow up.

  7. I'm sure the kitten was thrilled with the cat products to people products ratio that you used when shopping.

    Poor cujo.