April 27, 2006

at least it's not raining today

much as i enjoy spending my days happily dreaming of my upcoming travels, i have some... issues... that have arisen and which send me crashing back to reality every so often. my current issue? a leak at our house. in my room. over my bed.

this leak isn't as bad as it could be, i suppose. it drips; it doesn't pour. however, it is OVER MY BED. and while dripping seems fairly innocuous at first, i assure you, there are enough drips to thoroughly soak portions of my mattress. as i learned.

so last weekend, we got another heavy rainstorm. matt and i were sitting on my bed, watching a movie, when matt looked up and announced he was being dripped on. crap. i tried moving my bed out of the way, but as my room is approximately the size of a shoebox, i managed to move it about a foot. seeing as the crack which has developed in my ceiling due to said leak is approximately 11 inches long, i was unable to move it entirely out of the drip zone. pots and towels were procured, and roofers called monday morning.

so, we've got a guy coming to patch the leak in the roof. excellent.


there is some MAJOR water damage in my room. we're talking, plaster-falling-off-the-ceiling, wall-has-turned-squishy-when-you-touch-it, actual-piece-of-ceiling-about-to-bail-entirely, water damage. it's actually pretty gross. wanna see?

this is the general issue here

and this is up close. eewww.... for the record, that's not, like, fungus. it's pockets of poofed out plaster that presumably are/were filled with water, i guess

...and here's my fun new ceiling pattern

the bottom of my wall wants to play, too..

my roommates and i are thinking of moving.


  1. oohhhh, ick. better get a bucket...

  2. Um, probably a good thought. The moving, I mean...

  3. Oh that totally sucks!

  4. Ugh...sounds like a good time to move.

  5. Why do I think the fungus is brewing already? Move. Move now.

  6. Yeah, sounds like it's a problem that couldn't just be fixed in a day. I say move. Maybe move into Matt's big jacuzzi.

  7. Yes with the moving. Not to mention? A ceiling weakened over your bed means that there is a good chance of being woken by a dump of plaster on your head whilst you sleep.

    I like the pencil in the shot for gaging the scale.

    Water is running off the ceiling and down the wall. That room will need considerable repair.

    good luck :)


  8. if your landlord will not fix it, MOVE

    if your landlord will not remiburse your damages, MOVE

    This is your land lords problem, not yours..

    my 2 cents

    Stay dry *S*

  9. You shouldn't think of moving. You should move. And make the landlord pay for your last month's rent.

  10. You should try living in Seattle.

  11. Boy, you've got some serious water issues, to be sure. You DO know that the leak's been happening for quite a while ... (I can hear you now: "No Shit Sherlock, absolutely brilliant comment, just brilliant)

    Can't wait to see photos of the repairs. Happy bedroom! Yay!

  12. Yikes! Sounds like you need some drier weather too. Hope repairs go well.

  13. Ya, Hope's right, move to the jacuzzi. Nice pencil BTW.


  14. Uhhhhh that thoroughly sucks donkey balls...hard. At least is not a place you own, where you have to deal with it because it's, like, yours and you can't blame anyone or cry for help. I would start looking at places :)