May 23, 2006

awesome / not awesome

awesome: going out for a fabulous, druntastic night in dc on saturday and meeting up with a slew of army guys for a bday party
not awesome: having one of the army guys "show his affection" by doing that thing where you can apparently kill somebody by poking them really hard in the trachea. and then putting me in a headlock and pretending to ram my head into a tree. i knew there was a reason i don't tend to date military.

awesome: now having friends with an apartment downtown where i can crash after a night out.
not awesome: having people spit tobacco all over my car which was left in the metro parking lot overnight. (yes, really. it's REALLY gross).
also not awesome: the carwash place being closed by the time i got out of work/gym last night. grossness continues.

not awesome: working 10 and 11 hour days recently.
awesome: not hating it. hooray new company!
not awesome: no blogging as a result :-(

not awesome: wearing a bikini in a few short weeks after months of inactivity. gym: EVERY DAY.
wearing a bikini in a few short weeks :-D

not awesome: being allergic to spider bites.
even not awesomer: being bitten by a spider. on my boob.

and now back to my crazy busy job. things should calm down by the end of this week, at which time my life can return to its regularly scheduled program..


  1. Awesome: this post.

    Love this idea. Don't love tobcco juice on your car or spider bites.

  2. Musta been a guy spider.

    I really really hate it when those army guys start showing off their moves and almost break someone's wrist in a bar.

  3. Spiders always go for my boobs too. What the hell?

  4. Awesome: Catching up on Alice's Blog.

    Not Awesome: Having no time to keep up Catching Up on a regular basis.

  5. I never understand the boob bites. It's so embarrassing when you have to scratch.

    I'm so glad you love your new job. That is the awesomest of the awesomes.

    Also? What's with the strange military guys? Ick.

  6. maybe awesome: getting a new guy to suck the venom out of the bite?


  7. it wasnt me spitting tobacco on your car. I promise.


  8. Mmmm, those dreamy military boys could ram my head into a tree any day of the week...

  9. Maybe the swelling from the spider bite will help fill out your bikini. Hehe. Okay, that was totally inappropriate.

  10. The Army needs a training course on fraternizing with civilians.

    Hope your boob has a speedy recovery. :)

  11. awesome: you in a bikini
    also awesome: you posting pics of you in a bikini.

    I know it's painful but be sure to let the spider bite the other mammary gland so you stay "balanced".

  12. I agree with Cheryl - your posts are awesome!! And always entertaining. Glad you are enjoying your new job, by the way!

  13. awesome- Alice in a bikini!
    not awesome- not getting to see Alice in a bikini!

  14. Glad to hear work is going so well that you do not even mind the long hours, darling...that's one to hang on to.

    I love the awesome/not awesome thing. I might steal it. But then again you can use snoopydance all you want.


  15. awesome: going down a waterslide

    not awesome: turning the tankini into a bottom's only suit when you hit the bottom & flashing a bunch of 8 year olds.

    good times.

  16. You better be careful of that trachea-poking move when you're wearing the bikini.

  17. Yet I'm sure the trachea-poking move will come in handy should you ever come across the tobacco spitters.

  18. well honey.. everything is in balance here I see.. I guess you really dont need me around to keep you going..

    just joking!

    cool about the apartment and job..

    you have to know how to deal with miliarty men.. you have to be as tough and mean as them.. thats all I ever date is military guys.. grew up military so it works out..

    spit.. car.. gross

  19. How many times...'SPIDERS ARE NOT SEX TOYS'.

  20. I always get spider bites on my legs... hate that.

    I have a really hard time picturing you dating a military guy. Hmmm... speaking of visualizations. Beach wear? Where are you going? I've been gone...

  21. You have the cutest posts... loved this one... awesome..
    JD ;)

  22. I take it things are still not awesome?

  23. I really just don't have enough drama in my life, so I thought I'd start another blog. Perhaps it could ruin another relationship! Who knows.

    In other news, update this bitch. Primarily I would like to hear about these bikini-involving plans, being as I have none. Maybe it'll convince me to (a) get on a damn treadmill and (b) make some bikini-involving plans.

  24. Awesome: Alice
    Not Awesome: LACK OF UPDATES!!!

    That is all.

  25. oh how i missed reading your blog..
    you make me laugh!

  26. Oh wow. This is really bad Alice. Really bad.

  27. your awesome things trump your not awesome things so I'm happy to hear you are doing well...but your lack up updates has forced me to post a comment for the first time! where are you??

  28. Do you realize it has now been a month? A MONTH!