April 19, 2006

"professional" is my middle name

here at the New Job, they've given me one of those nifty Treo phones so i can feel high-tech and gadgety and special. well, probably it's so i can answer emails at any time of the day or night, but right now i don't really get important emails so i just whip it out to look flashy every once in a while.

anyway. you know what's not a good idea? the ability to email anyone, anytime...... while drinking.

actual text of email that may or may not have been sent by.. uh.. someone... last night:

What uuuuup dude know what's ccol about my trwo? Is that ican DRUNK EMaIL

This is probablu not a good idea since I bet my xompany can teack


  1. haha! Actually that isn't too bad. I just hope it was a friend, not a colleague or client!

  2. OH god. I think I might get a Blackberry at my new job ... am I glad I don't drink. I'll still drive people crazy with it, though...

  3. Just be careful. I can't tell you how much trouble I get into whenever I whip it out to look flashy.

    Oh, you were talking about the Treo? Erm...never mind.

  4. Hehe... step away from the Treo. Or else step away from the martinis. Mmmm, for sure... step away from the Treo.

    Yay important techie job things!

  5. I. Want. One.

    Better yet, I want a job that just gives me a phone like that.

    Or, a small lottery win so I can have one without actually having to work!

  6. AHAHAHAHA. That almost beats drunken text messaging. :)

    Treos are hot.

  7. That's a great drunken text, but they get better the less readible they become.
    Um, your company probably does keep a record of the texts going thru, and at least a couple of tech guys who have access to it getting a really good laugh.

  8. I do the same damn thing with my treo.. I feel ya girly..

  9. I'm thinking about getting one for myself.. because I always feel the need to email people when at a bar.