March 21, 2006

i ate at cheesecake factory for lunch and there is NO WAY you're getting a snappy title when i'm this full

we had all these beautiful little flowers pop up in our yard this past week, after the balmy weekend we had a while ago... they were so pretty, so i took some pictures:

and then today it snowed. yay spring. also fuck you, groundhog.

so i noticed today that this is my 102nd post. i missed the whole "100th post!" hullabaloo. oops. so, um, happy late blogday to me :-)

and finally, for
cmhl, here are some iiiiiitty bitty pics of the Ugly Foot. they're very small so that anyone who's into mildly gruesome feet can click on them and see them in all their glory, but hopefully small enough that the people who would be seriously grossed out can't make out any details. enjoy!


  1. Cheesecake Factory!! YUM!!! Great. Now I'm HUNGRY. And just so you don't feel bad - spring came and went here as well. I HATE this stupid messed up weather crap, and I'm planning on making groundhogs extinct... heh heh heh. (heeeere, little groundhogs....)

  2. dang girl!!!!

    well, if you click the photos they are a little bigger. then I saved one to my desktop, blew it up, and made it my background! who needs pictures of your kids and dog on your background, if you can have Alice's horrific feet!!

    kidding, kidding...

    thank you for the documentation!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek... you'll have pretty toes again in no time I"m sure...

  3. Happy 100th post of your infamous bedpan blog!

  4. Pretty, pretty flowers!

    Not-so-pretty, afraid to look at other things.

  5. remind me to tell you about
    the time I got cheesecake poisoning.
    ...oh yea,
    Happy centenial!
    Whoever you are...

  6. Oooh hyacinths and crocuses and daffodils, oh my!

    Lovely. I miss springtime flowers... it's perpetual summer around these parts.

    Forgive me for not checking out the foot pics. -wrinkles nose-

  7. Cheescake factory!!!! Oh the memories....

    I'd give up brains for a good cheesecake.

  8. Its the coldest march for 60 years over here. Not a single spring flower has sprung. So thanks for pictures of yours.
    We also don't have much leprosy any more so thanks for the feet piccies.
    Is cheescake factory some strange American euphemism for something sexual and disgusting? or was it a factory that makes cheescakes? either way your a lucky girl.

  9. I assume your now able to hold down food and you did not have to take the cheesecake... erm... nevermind.

  10. It's snowing here too. A week and a half ago it was 65 and sunny, then last weekend I brushed 6 inches of snow off my car, the most I've had all winter. Boo. Spring come back!

    Just the thought of Cheesecake Factory makes my tummy rumble. Yum.

  11. Beautiful pics.

    Um...of the flowers, I mean.

  12. Those flowers are so nice and springy...damn snow.

    MMMMM Cheesecake factory. drooling now.