January 05, 2006

my little sister's all growed up

you guys... Things Are Not Good. with the Working. like, it is currently 4:20pm, i have approximately 40 more hours worth of work to finish things that are due TODAY, which is quite clearly impossible, and i am starting to seriously freak out about it. and i haven't taken care of several personal issues that are becoming rather severe due to long term ignoring. like, i have to change my address with the dmv... 2 months ago. i have to write thank you notes for christmas. i have to call about 30 people, including RECRUITERS WHO WANT TO GIVE ME JOBS but i am working all the fucking time and can't seem to take 10 mins out of the day to call them. i would do it during lunch, if i ever took lunch anymore. i am taking a brief break from the working right now so i don't freak the fuck out here at my desk, which is about to happen, and this way i can share some pictures from the sister's big 21 :-)

also, someone please tell the phone to stop ringing. seriously. stop. ringing. stop. STOP.

anyway. sister. drinks. happy thoughts. i certainly had a really good time, and considering all the dancing elizabeth did... by herself.. in an empty bar... i'm inclined to think she was enjoying herself too :-) she also provided one of the best lines i've ever heard, especially given this is my LITTLE SISTER saying it:

eliz: alice! i need to tell you something.

me: yes?

eliz: i just want you to know, that i hope you really ARE a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.

me: ...

eliz: for matt's sake.

me: um, oh?

eliz: yes. for matt's sake. a freak in the bed, alice. a freak in the bed.


  1. Well Happy Birthday to your sis. Man oh man are you ever busy. I hope things get done before you freak out.

  2. Great pictures... looks like you were having a good time. Happy New Year!

  3. Well hello, EVERYONE knows that that's what men want -- a lady in the street and a freak in the bed. Those words of wisdom came straight from Ludacris -- someone who CLEARLY knows a LOT of women -- or bitches, hos and freaks, could be either.

    Glad you had fun and that quote? Seriously cracked me up. Hope work gets better and SOON!!

  4. Hang in there with work, it can get to be overwhelming. For the record, as Amber quotest the gospel according to Luda, men do like a lady in the street and a freak in the bed!

  5. That sucks about work! I know what it's like to be so swamped to do anything else though...it's a vicious cycle. Glad you had a great time with your twin sis. hehe She looks SO much like you. Seriously.

  6. Good God woman, ... DO IT FOR MATT'S SAKE!!!

    A friend's mom once told me as an 18 year old I wanted a nun in the living room and a whore in the bedroom. Hmmm ...

    For the love of God, please for Matt's sake!


    Work will always be there. I'm glad you spent 10 minutes with us!


  7. Hmmm, I think I hear a story coming on.

    You are such a good sister! I would have smacked mine for saying that and then giggled to myself because I wanted it to be true!

    You are a true trooper! Work woman! Work!

  8. I should really come down there to help you. You know, considering the fact that I really don't do much work here at my job and all...

  9. That is hilarious... now I have the song stuck in my head.


  10. At least you HAVE something to do at work! Some of us are bored off our asses!

    That quote is hilarious - makes me wish I had a sister to get drunk with.

  11. Oh to be Matt. Lucky Guy...Very Lucky Guy,

    Ok.. Back to work....GRRrrr!

  12. Dear street Lady and Matt's freak, or something near there..,

    Happy New Year Alice!!!, please forgive my tardiness. I now know which one is the "evil twin sister of the two.

  13. Okay, I have now reviewed ALL your sexy HNT pics (and the no so sexy... JUST kidding) and you're right... the article definitely references the Oct 27 picture of you wearing the silver rings and amber ring. THAT's you... now you're famous in India!

    Now for your NEXT HNT... how about taking off the jeans? (Oct 31)

    Have a super weekend!

  14. oookie...can i whisper a happy new year to you...it wont involve any ringing?

  15. I love these pictures... I fell in love with your eyes.

    In a good way.

  16. Methinks you are trying too hard to be perfect at your job. Turn in half ass work for a couple weeks and get back on track... lol

    Answer those headhunter calls. It's the difference in the down payment on your own house...

    Um, you sis is kinda cute... and if dancing by herself in an empty bar is an indication, a fun girl... did I say that outloud? Oops.

  17. hehehehe.. heheheheh.. HAHAHAHAHA


    a lady in the street but a freak in the bed..

    thats what my best friend used to describe to my aunt why I had a necklace with handcuffs on it around my neck.. heheh

  18. You poor thing. I've been like that for the last two weeks...I'm still hoping it will slow down. Let us know when you come up for air.

    Little sister looks like a lot of fun. I'd die if my sister said that to me though.