January 03, 2006

i'm.. sort of alive

hello my blog friends! i have been a terrible blogger of late. as joe pointed out, i totally lied about coming back in a week, and i also totally haven't been keeping up with any of your blogs. i am a very bad alice.

i don't even have a very good excuse. i do tend to eschew the computer entirely when i'm home with the parents in nj, but due to the evil nature of my work i had to spend at least an hour every day of my vacation dealing with Evil Histrionic Work People who were freaking! out! because! end! of! year! coming! soon! EVERYONE PANIC! END OF THE WORLD! APOCALYPSE! inane reports that have been ignored for the past 3 years suddenly are of dire importance so that everything can look clean for the end of FY05! PANIC!!! have i mentioned how much i love finance? I LOVE FINANCE GODAMMIT MAYBE IF I SAY IT REALLY LOUD I'LL START TO BELIEVE IT.

er, anyway. the point there was supposed to be that i was on my computer already dealing with hysterical people obsessing over financial reports, so i REALLY eschewed the computer after that. then there was the whole christmas thing, which was lovely, and i am in serious need of taking a picture of my xmas present from el boyfriend matt because you will not BELIEVE what he got me, and Meetings Of Parents and general holiday cheer. i was going to tell you all about it when i was at work those days between christmas and new years, but Evil Work struck again and lo! more panic! more histrionics! 12 and 13 hr work days while the rest of the country was toasting each other with eggnog! despair and rage don't make for very cheery blog posts soooo i just held off until i could write an entry that could be limited to just 1/3 all-cap shouting instead of the entire thing done in an angry, despondent, near-homicidal howl.

so! here we are :-) cheery! lower case!

things i should have blogged about and intend to but in all likelihood will never get around to:
-bon jovi *sob of joy*
-being home in nj. i totally had stories i intended to share but can't remember them now.
-christmas at my house in dc! my parents and sister came here, which was a little weird since we've pretty much NEVER done xmas not at my parents' house, but it went ok. and i got slippers from my sister, which is AWESOME and i totally wanted them and my feet are very happy now
-some REALLY fabulous meals at Fancy Renowned DC Restaurants
-a brunch hosted at my house by me and matt for a Meeting Of The Families (eek)
-i saw Wicked! the musical! which is totally sold out in DC and has been since the day the tickets went on sale, but my friend jenny is da bomb and took me for my xmas present. folks, it is GOOD. if you can, SEE IT. seriously.
-new year's eve, which was fabulous because my friend liz, who moved away to chicago earlier this year, came back for the night and i got to see her which made me very happy :-)

and TONIGHT... tonight is also a Big Night. my little sister (or
twin, some might argue) is currently on a bus on her way down here. because tonight... drumroll... is her 21st birthday! well, i suppose it's her 21st birthday all day long, but tonight is the Traditional Sloppy Celebration Thereof. i took tomorrow morning off of work ;-)

so! pictures to come. hopefully drunken debauchery with the 4 1/2 yr younger twin to come. and me to come to your blogs and catch up on y'alls lives. happy new year everyone!


  1. well.. at least you admit that you have been a bad alice..

    as long as you make sure you dont do it again..

    alright.. you soooo have to post about the concert.. you cant leave me hanging for that shit

  2. OMG, there are two of you?!?!? Call Homeland Security and raise the alert level for tonight!


  3. Ok, your repeated use of the word "eschew" just made the wait totally worthwhile. No joke. Essschhew.

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  5. Bon Jovi! Post that story. Did you toss him your bra?! LOL


  6. Just wanted to say hello and a Happy New Year, i enjoy your site alot!

  7. Not keeping up with our blogs? But, but... I've had soooo much to say... I even turned 150. Pout... Pout...

    Sounds like you had a great time off... welcome back.

  8. I missed seeing your fun and entertaining posts! Happy New Year to you as well. It sounds like you had a great time as of late with all of the festivities. :)

  9. have a wonderful year ahead and keep posting .........


  10. Yay! You're back!!

    So sorry that work is um, challenging. I understand -- I sat at my desk and cried most of yesterday because I hate my job so much. Anyway.

    Happy New Year! Welcome back!

  11. And all is once again right with the world. Can't wait to see the celebration pics.

    I'll be in DC next week (again) any suggestions for where (near the MCI Center) I should have lunch? I get so tired of going to the same places all of the time.

  12. I haven't eaten. I haven't slept. But finally you are back. I can go on living again!

    You and Amber and I should start our own business based on the fact that we all hate our current jobs.

  13. Happy New Year and reember no sex is the best policy-less trouble

  14. ALICE!!!! I missed you!! Sounds like you had a very busy holiday season! Sorry to hear about crazy neurotic people at work, but excited for you and your sister tonight!! 21!!!!! Oh, to be young again!! (wiping away wistful tear) And I am going to see Wicked on March 4 with my mom – thanks to you, I am even MORE excited!!

    Happy New Year, Happy Birthday to Little Sis, and HAVE FUN!!!!

  15. Woohoo for drunken debauchery and such other behaviour. It's fantabulous to know you are back darling. Looking forward to the posts.


  16. Glad you are back,,,,but never apologize for having a life *S* ...and how was the hangover?