January 25, 2006

i am already a drum nerd

...as evidenced by this completely nonsensical conversation i had with matt (bf) last night on IM:

BF: how was your drum lesson?
Me: drum lesson was great
Me: well, it was really hard
BF: are you a rockstar now?
Me: closer
Me: i actually said "wow, i sound like a drummer!" during my lesson
Me: like, out loud

BF: YAY!!!!
Me: and i have sooooo much to work on this week
BF: what did he add this time?
Me: sooo much
Me: paradiddles on top of the rock beats
Me: samba beats under the paradiddles
Me: open hat on the 8th / 16th beat
Me: small fill on the 15-16th beat
BF: wow
Me: alternating w/open high
BF: you have a beat with a fill?
Me: it's a tiny fill
BF: I believe that means you finally can serenade me now
Me: it's the 15-16 of the measure

BF: awesome
BF: I'm dying to hear

BF: 'specially since you "actually sound like a drummer"
Me: but it actually sounds pretty cool w/the crash on 1, alternated w/open high, etc
Me: putting the paradiddle on the ride/hat is freaking hard though

BF: wow
Me: i sound so informed
Me: look at me with the drum lingo


  1. Groupies .... think groupies ...

    LOL! My dad got to college on a drum scholarship. He played trap in a jazz band. Unfortunately, I picked up none of his rhythm. AND I understood your conversation!

    Does that make me a groupie or a nerd?



  3. It's time for you to start interviewing for roadies. If I don't cut it as a roadie, can I fall back as a groupie?

  4. I so didn't get much of that! But it sounds good :)


  5. paradiddling is fun ... but these were always my favorites...
    flamacues and triple ratamacues
    Drum on !!!

  6. LOL. You need to audio blog your lessons...

  7. Wow, you at least sound like you understand a bit! Music is like greek to me!

  8. You sound like you've been a drummer for ages! :) Sounds like so much fun! I'm a tiny bit jealous. hehe

  9. Oddly enough, I think I had paradiddles on top of rock beats for dinner the other night.

  10. Alice,
    Very cool girl. Speaking as a Rock Drummer form about 15yrs back now all you have to do to be a ligit is to get some grouppies. Yep thats why I'm still in music. Get yourself a hot 19yr old stud, use him up and spit him out and on to the next town. Rock On.


  11. There was a time when my daughter Lexie wanted to play the drums. She was about 7. And my dear, sweet brother, her FAVORITE (and only) Uncle Bob offered to buy her a drum set. Squashed that dream. We live in a condo, and although from your excitement I am SURE drums are a wonderful form of musical expression, I don't think the association would appreciate a 7 year old's idea of "music." ;)

    Maybe I'll send her off to visit you, and you can give her some pointers. She's 10 now, so I'm SURE she'd be much better.