November 15, 2005

things i learned last night at erin's bday

1. erin was only turning 21! doesn't she look great for 21? you know she's only 21 because it says so right on her shirt. her shirt couldn't lie. you probably can't read that pic, but trust me, that's what it says.

2. as the birthday girl, you're required to drink a whole lot.

3. al and i are SO HOT.

4. my friends and i are perverts, because this is the 2nd time a series of photos like these have surfaced when we've gone out together.

5. the metro is very dirty. don't touch anything in the metro, or your hands will turn black.

6. beer makes everyone happy and full of love.

7. *ahem* HAPPY.. and full of LOVE...
happy birthday erin!


  1. Happy Birthday Erin, wherever you are!
    Great pictures Alice.

  2. my daughter just turned 21 and claimed she studied that night...uh huh, yup...was she with you? *L*

  3. Happy Birthday, Erin!

    And God bless all perverts!

  4. Looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!

  5. I agree, birthdays are fun! Just NEVER try to cook in the oven when you get home from celebrating... you know why...!

  6. Great photographs! :)

    Happy Birthday Erin.