November 08, 2005

hint: don't ever agree to help me move

so you remember when i was whining and complaining about not getting a roommate in time and having to find a new place to move? no? that's probably for the best. here is the not-so-brief summary: my roommate decided to move out. i didn't want to move out. this meant i had to find a new roommate. i did. she fell through. i had a week to find a new roommate. i didn't. i had to move out, too. i found a new place, 4-bedroom cute house with 4 girls, one of whom i knew, who was moving to chicago. yay! problem: the movers weren't coming to move her stuff until november 1st or 2nd. my uhaul was rented for october 30 and i had to be OUT. even complicated-er (shut up, it can be a word if i want it to) was that the room i was moving into wasn't chicago gal's room - another girl in the house was going to be moving into chicago-gal's room, which meant the room i was going to be moving into wasn't going to be available until after both chicago-gal's stuff was moved out AND new housemate's stuff was transfered over. which meant i moved my stuff into their basement for the time being, and finally went over last weekend to move my things from a large heap in the cellar into my new room.

here is how the process went:
-stand in doorway of new, itty bitty room for approximately 3.6 hours trying to "visualize" where furniture will go
-request that bf help move in just the box spring so i can better visualize the exactly 2 different ways the queen mattress will fit in a room the size of my cubicle
-move box spring between those 2 positions approximately 8 thousand times
-exasperated bf suggests we move some of the larger furniture in since then i'll be able to actually see what room will look like
-drag enormous bookcase and inexplicably-ludicrously-heavy dresser (empty! from ikea! how can it be HEAVY??) into room
-force bf to help me move bookcase and dresser into every possible combination on every wall
-finally settle on an arrangement. for now. maybe. bf hates it but tries very hard to still be supportive
-spend roughly 10 brazillion hours unpacking trinkets / books / framed photos while bf asks repeatedly if there is something he can do to help. unfortunately, i trust no one to arrange my photos and bookshelf except me. apparently i am incredibly anal and had no idea until now. bf concedes that room looks much better than he thought now that my stuff is covering all surfaces.
-bf has brilliant brainstorm re: curtains, which i had been fretting over. i misunderstand bf's idea, but decide to act on misinterpretation as i like that idea too. decide to do a drapey sort of ordeal with just one curtain on each window, with a valencey swag thing and the hangey part of the curtain just on one side. this is difficult to explain but fairly simple to execute.
-or so i THOUGHT. foolish alice. this is INCREDIBELY DIFFICULT. one curtain went up no problem, but getting 2nd curtain to look like anything more than bright red vomit on a curtain rod proves impossible. we decide the problem is clearly that the curtain is too static-y and needs a round in the dryer with some dryer sheets.
-return to curtain problem with new improved curtain. new improved curtain still resists being wrestled into anything resembling home decor. i hate curtain.
-finally, finally, finally triumph over curtain. sort of. curtain submits to somewhat-window-treatment-ish shape. we hang the curtain rod and try to poke newly conquered curtain into vaguely symmetrical submission to match original goody-two-shoes curtain.
-poke, poke. tug. poke. "NO! AUGH! don't touch that part!! noooooo!!! wait, let me. stoooooppp pleeeease no just let me... no, see, pulling that makes this part - NOO!! AUUGH!"
-for reasons unbeknownst to me, bf somehow refrains from killing mutant-anal-ocd-alice that appears while moving / unpacking / hanging curtains. sorry bf. love you!

to punish me for my brattiness during that episode, the universe, smirking, reminded me today that all the windows in the house are being replaced. on friday. which, clearly, cannot be done with curtains on the windows. they'll be coming down again thursday night. sigh.


  1. I feel your pain about the curtains, but especially about the bookshelves. In the event I get a roommate, the bookshelves will have to be moved from second bedroom to my bedroom. This is where OCD bookshelf girl pushes everyone aside and takes over. I spent a stupid amount of time putting the books EXACTLY WHERE I WANTED THEM, and so moving them will require listing the books according to location so that I can put them exactly where I want them again. Oh so sad. Maybe THAT'S why I'm single. Be that as it may, my books are ORGANIZED, dammit!

  2. haha, don't ya just LOVE moving?


  3. Why is is that I feel as though we have the exact same luck? This could only happen to you and me!

  4. I don't move. I've been in the same place. Things just grow and are built around me.


  5. Alice – Make sure your next move is into your OWN place. That way you can fit everything where you want and just shove the rest of your stuff wherever until the time is right to place that as well. With nobody to tell you to move your stuff. And as for curtains? Bleah! I still let my mom deal with that stuff – even at my advanced age. She has much more patience than I.

  6. oh man, moving is the devil. I loathe moving. I always try to to schedule a convenient emergency business trip around any weekend in which moving is involved.

  7. Just think the trouble would have been if it was wooden blinds. I swear, there's nothing like covering a window with aluminum foil, nice and easy.

  8. Ugh, that whole curtain process sounds downright painful! Moving is a big pain in the ass, that is for sure. I'm glad you found a good place though. :)

  9. I hate moving. Try moving a whole house and then visualizing each freaking room Ugh. Course I have an addiction I have to move my crap around every month just for a change.

  10. At first I thought you said 10 Brazillian hours, and I have to admit that would have been pretty cool. It'd be nice to borrow other countries' unused hours and still have a whole bank of American hours to spend.