August 30, 2005

yes i WOULD like some cheese with that whine, thanks

dear everyone,

i'm sorry for my prolonged lack of posting.. i'm partly lame and partly being slowly killed by work. i mean that in the literal and spiritual sense, fyi. for example, it's currently 1:35am and i'm catching up on some work emails (well, ok, i was until just now) since i'm away at this orientation function all day through weds, and the people i work with/for with don't really care, and still want full production from me. also my internet at home has been broken, which makes posting during non-working times not happen. also i like to complain, have you noticed? WHINE WHINE WHINE.

however. i cannot get over the fact that is (now) 1:37am and i am AWAKE AND DOING WORK after going out and "networking" (you all know that means "drinking" right?) with my coworkers who i just met today. which means i'm tired, tipsy, AND WORKING AT 1:38am. THIS JOB HAS GOT TO GO.

so. this was purely an excuse and whine post, so, uh, sorry about that. i'll post something worthwhile sometime this week. hopefully. 1:40am. I HATE YOU, 1:40AM. EVIL. DIE.

thank you. goodnight.

ps- i am SO BEHIND on reading all y'all's blogs.. i know. i will also catch up on that. someday. incidentally, does anyone want to hire me and not kill my spirit on a weekly basis? please? did i mention i'm a french major?


  1. Oh no. You poor you want me to run over your boss with my car? I will...

    I'm glad to see you back...we missed you. Hang in there.

  2. Sure, maybe I have some work for you but first I'll have to ask you a few questions:

    Can you cook?

    Can you clean house?

    How do you feel about laundry?

    In your estimation, what is "too many times" of lovemaking for one day?

  3. Your forgiven! Just try to visit me sometime during September!

  4. I have to say, I've visited your blog something like 3 times every day waiting and wishing that you would finally post something. Just as I was about to give up, I decided I'd give you one more day to post something, and to my luck, Here it is! Now this post may not be everything I was waiting for, but under the circumstances, you're forgiven. I know, I'm such a high maintainance blog reader, and yes, I have high expectations. Glad your back.

    One more thing.. I LOVE networking! I wish my job allowed me to go out and network. Hey! If you want to move to San Diego area, you can have my job, I'll be leaving here soon, and you can do all the blogging you want!

  5. What?!? No no no sweetie, you don't work at 1:38-39-40-41am ever!!!

    And if you must work, whining about it is absolutley long as you're actively looking for a new job.

  6. Alice, I'd like to invite you to join an organization that is a spinoff of our word nerd club. It's a pity party club of sorts, but I have to think of a more catchy name for it. We're going to have shirts -- on the front is going to be that kitten hanging from a tree and the saying "hang in there."
    Feel better...

  7. I feel your pain :) I seem to be doing somethng work/school related all the time...but I guess it is a bit different when you love school and love what you do at work, eh?

    Fear not, the perfect job doesn't exist... :)


  8. Pour vous à travailler pour moi, combien ?
    Ça ne fait rien, je suis pauvre.

  9. Walter, say that in English now!

  10. Wait a minute...we're supposed to work while we're at our jobs?!?

  11. yay! thanks guys! GUESS WHAT!? i'm going to post today. maybe ;-) we'll see.

    walter - plus pauvre que moi? est-ce possible? :-) bon, si tu m'emploies, je ferais quoi? (en effet, tu vois que je ne suis peut-etre pas l'employee ideale.. je te tutoyes deja :-)....)

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