August 08, 2005

what happens in dewey stays in dewey

so there's this place in delaware, between the wholesome (sorta) beaches of rehoboth and bethany, called dewey beach. i've been hearing stories about dewey beach for the entire 3 years i've lived here, and they've all been awesome. and by "awesome" i mean "deliciously scandalous and debaucherous."

and... i finally went to dewey. with 2 of my best girlfriends, thursday through sunday. i have an obscene amount of work to catch up on first, but i will soon post some of the goodies from the weekend that don't break the secrecy pact. SO MUCH FUN. and i have a picture of some random man's penis. i won't post that though.

more coming :-)


  1. I have to say that in between the Dewey Debauchery and the Landsharking and subsequent frisbess pic, we may have to slap an NC-17 rating on your blog...

  2. Amber's comment made me laugh! hehehe

    Alice - you are such a tease! I have to hear these stories now. I'm all about deliciously scandal stories. I'm glad you had a great time! :)

  3. I'm looking forward to reading about the ribald tales of debauchery at Dewey beach. I just hope the next time I make it back to this blog I'm not required to enter in my visa card number and its expiration date.

  4. Hello :)
    Nice blog you have.
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  5. wow that last person's comment was way random and had nothing to do with anything...

  6. anon e mouse9/8/05 10:30 AM

    Hey Alice, Nice blog.
    Excuse me now while I leave a (incredibly generic and uber-boring) discussion question intended to divert your traffic, which was hard-won by telling funny/embarassing/entertaining stories, over to my lame-ass blog, where I ask some BS questions of people I don't know and never will.

    Stop by my blog if you're as big a waste of carbon as I am.
    Cheers... (that's what they say in England, you know. It doesn't mean "a toast" so much as "thanks". I know English people. I also wear trucker hats and brand-new 'faded' T-shirts with ironic sayings on them and coloured elastic bracelets.)

  7. LMAO Anon e moush!


    You definately are a big ass tease! You know I'm going to be checking every 1/2 hour to see what you posted, because I have nothing better to do at work.

    Can't wait for the pick of the penis! I love penis! (Well, only one penis do I love anymore, but I can look!)

  8. I still don't get why the title is "PENIS"