August 24, 2015

Rug decision!

You guys are all wonderfully helpful! Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who provided advice & opinions on rug size and placement. I cannot move forward in most areas of life without group input, it would appear.

An extra special puffy-paint, sparkly, all-caps thank you goes to our friend Mike, who noticed the post and sent me these, unbidden, out of the goodness of his heart since he thought it would be easier to make a decision if we could see what an actual rug would look like in the space:

HOW AWESOME IS HE? So very awesome! And also correct: seeing a "real" rug in that space WAS in fact super helpful.

So we pulled the trigger that very night, ordering from Rugs USA since they were having a 70% off sale the moment, and all decisions are easier to live with when they cost less than 1/3rd of the normal price.

Here is a terrible picture of the new rug in place. We went big! Someone please make me stop taking photos with my super crappy phone all the time!

Here are some pictures of the cats modelling with their new floor accessory, which they now apparently feel compelled to be touching at all times:

And lastly, this isn't specifically of the carpet although it does feature nicely as a backdrop. No, this is a video of my idiot cat who wanted the doughnut crumbs at the bottom of this bag so badly that he repeatedly shoved his head into the bag until it got stuck there, then freaked out and tried to remove the bag by walking backwards out of it.

This video was the second of three times that he did it within a span of five minutes. He's special. 


  1. It looks so great! Excellent choice, both the style and size.

  2. OMG I love it! It fits beautifully and the pattern is great. Good work! Also, haaa cat.

  3. Um, your friend is awesome for doing that, & that rug looks great.

  4. Yay! Love it! Can I come over and also roll around on it like your cats?

  5. That vid of Oliver is to funny. And the other cat offers no help! Ha!

    It looks great! I love that pattern you chose. And the pics your friend made are so helpful!!! :)

  6. This looks so fantastic! I love that pattern and have actually had my eye on it for the (unnecessarily large) main space of our master bathroom!


  7. Oh, Oliver... that kitty cracks me up!
    Love the color of your new rug. :)