May 24, 2013

Stuff I've been doing since being in Mauritius

The answer is.. well, kind of a lot.  

Primarily, though, one of my bestest! friends! got married, so we did a lot of fabulously fun things related to that over the past few months. Like her bachelorette party!

And also her wedding shower!  ..But I failed to bring a camera to that one and the only picture that I do have - from someone else's camera - is one in which something really confusing is going on with my hair that makes it look like I possibly had just been electrocuted.  


And then! The actual wedding, which was seriously fantastic. It was held in Annapolis, which is a super adorable town:

turtle doorknockers & crabby sewer drains

Derek & Jenn, who are The Cutest, on the also-cute old-timey trolleys that go around downtown

wine! and cheeses! my favorites!

The rehearsal dinner was lovely, as was the continuing-to-be-charming backdrop of Annapolis:

And then, um, the charming backdrop of the subsequent bar. Where we all remained super charming.  Obviously.  

The wedding itself: holy cow. Jenn was unbelievably gorgeous; the setting was amazing; the party was insane.

(all wedding photos courtesy of the wonderfully talented Kyle Bergner Photography)

Best wedding. Seriously. Love these guys.

THEN. THEN! My company sent me to Mexico. For fun! Because they like me! This is where we stayed:

Chris, in one of the cabanas we had each day. The cabanas came with daily foot massages.

We had a pretty OK time.

Good lord... this still only takes me through the first weekend of April. One recap can only take so many pictures.  I hope everyone has a fabulous long weekend! 


  1. Whoa. Are you for serious with that foot massaging line? I mean... I think I want to work for your company. I just get to step on LEGOs and mysterious wet spots over here.

  2. Devan - yes, that's actually true!! Our company got us suites, which came with the daily cabanas, which in turn came with a daily foot massage. Chris and I split it each day, 10 mins per person. While in the cabana. It was insane (and amazing).

  3. Was that Cancun? Playa del Carmen? Gorgeous, wherever it was. I love me some MeHEco.

    Also, the bouquet was really different/cool.

  4. I'm turning green. Or blue... whatever color you want to describe that water!

  5. Your adventures never cease to amaze me. And it makes me laugh a bit that your blog has kind of become a travel blog - where has the time gone since those pole dancing posts? =)

  6. Didn't you go somewhere else in April? I've completely forgotten. Well, guess that means WE NEED ANOTHER POST UPDATE!!!

    Also, some paint drawings. Definitely some MS paint drawings.