November 13, 2012

Belated Halloween Post!

I'm so bummed it took me this long to write this up, because MAN I loved our Halloween costumes & plans this year.  

Basically, one of our friends pointed out that the best meal of the year is Thanksgiving, so he voted to have a potluck instead of normal Halloween.  Some of us (read: me) balked at this, because dressing up for Halloween is one of MY favorite parts of the year.  So, easy solution: HallowFeast!  (Or Feastoween, or Thanksoween. All valid.)

Obviously, this is when you get together at 3 in the afternoon to eat a giant and delicious Thanksgiving dinner, while also putting the finishing touches on your costumes and then going out for Halloween at night.

For me, the finishing touches included a few things.  I had previously bought a pair of Keds from a thrift store, and had spray painted them yellow:

Step 1: acquire thrift store keds & paint 'em yellow

I had also acquired a truly stunning, bright yellow velour track suit from eBay.  What it was clearly missing, though, were very professional black stripes along the seams.  Made out of duct tape.

Step 2: duct tape stripes onto a yellow tracksuit

A little sharpie action on the painted shoes...

Step 3: draw Asics stripes on sneakers

A friend who can cut (wig) hair...

Step 4: have a talented friend cut your wig

And voila! An extremely low-budget version of The Bride/Beatrix Kiddo!

Step 5: channel The Bride!

However. HOWEVER. The best part of this costume is that I was merely joining a phenomenally awesome pre-existing group costume.

This group.

Me + a lot of people who I need to murder.

Yes.  O-Ren Ishi, Gogo, Elle Driver, and some Crazy 88s.  

So many villains!

These 88s! They're so crazy!

But I should kill O-Ren!

It's Gogo!


As fun as these costumes (clearly) were, we were totally overshadowed by our amazing friends who make the MOST AWESOME costumes every year.  Remember Jack Skellington & Sally from last year?


Dia de los muertos & Skeletor

Skeletor here did buy the puffy suit, but he made the staff and painted his face under that to look just like the mask.  

And TAMARA. With her amazing Dia de los Muertos costume.

Crazy awesome makeup. Crazy awesome.

Nice shots, Derek!

You may also recognize a certain Ramona Flowers who was there with her Walter White:

I didn't know Ramona Flowers was into meth..?

Also in attendance: a pirate and a gladiator.

Technically he's not on my list, but I can kill him anyway.

I'm not sure who wins this fight...

It's been suggested we may go a liiiiiiittle overboard on Halloween considering we are *COUGH COUGH various mature ages COUGH*.  Pshaw.

Group shot! (Minus Marie & Matt, alas)


  1. Never lose your Halloween-ness! It's so fun. You're never too old to dress up, I say.

  2. This is so fun, despite the fact that I have no idea what your group is dressed as...?!

    Also: WAS EVERYONE A SUGAR SKULL THIS YEAR? I've seen, like, seven of them! This one is far & away the best, though.

    I'm so sad that I did nothing for Halloween this year...

  3. This is amazing. I wish I lived in DC so I could go completely Halloween overboard with you. As one does...when they are AWESOME.

  4. I am super impressed by all the costumes and all the face paint. That is dedication.

  5. Wait, don't all people in their late 20s and early 30s act this way?

    By the way, Walter was SUCH A LUSH.

  6. Personally, I could care less about Halloween. BUT, I'm just a loser who doesn't get into the fun stuff. I think it's AWESOME you guys go all out for a fun, harmless night. The question is whether you pushed little kids out of the way to get in line for candy?! =)

  7. WALTER WHITE! Genius for someone (like me me me) who hates dressing up.

    Also - the other costumes were fabu obv

    Also - # of times it took me to figure out the capta = 4 (if this one works)

  8. You might have the most awesome group of friends ever. Those costumes are fabulous!

  9. It's nice to see so much commitment to the Halloween cause.

  10. Aww man! These costumes are the bomb! And I love that you had this feast party before going out. Now... where are the pics from going out too?

    We ran in to a Ramona Flowers on our Halloween night out!

  11. I think the very best part is how none of those costumes are overtly "sexy" (as in the boring, usual, hum-drum sexy witch, sexy pirate, sexy _____[fill in the blank]).
    Your crowd shows true imagination. I like that.

    PS: My WV is "27 reaging" ... although I'm not sure how 27 is re-aging anyone!

  12. As Elle Driver this year in part of a Tarantino themed group? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS OVERBOARD AT HALLOWEEN