January 03, 2012

wrapped cats and masked faces

still not the wedding. i know. one day. in the meantime though, have you seen this?
i mean, it's pretty much the best thing on the internet. although it made me sad that oliver wouldn't let me do it to him.

...or would he?

i got this far, then panicked that he'd freak out any second so snapped pictures while i could. i wish i'd really gone for it though; it appears he may have been totally OK with a more solid wrapping.
next christmas, maybe...

new year's eve was awesome this year. we went the Fancy Person route and sprung for a table at a bar downtown, and MAN is that ever the key to having a good time. A PLACE TO SIT DOWN, THAT YOU OWN. brilliant!

also: booze.

it was a masquerade event! so we masqueraded the crap out of it.

so this is pretty obvious information, but it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to get a cab after midnight on new year's eve. as in, you cannot get one. at all. (we tried.) as a result - and i don't actually know how this physically came to pass - we ended up in.. some guy's car. who we paid $35 to take us back to virginia. i vaguely seem to recall (hope?) that he was a private car for hire but really, who knows. we could have just paid some intrepid dude with a car some cash. it worked.

here's to a healthy, happy, lucky, and silly 2012.


  1. OMG does your mother read this? She totally does. You're going to get in trouble for the guy with the car for cash thing. It looks like you had big strong dudes with you though. Don't make the blogosphere worry like that though.

    ^ clearly a Mommy and only vaguely remember my own drunken 20s when hiring a guy with a car was pure GENIUS! The barter(ish) system is a good thing.

    I'm clearly manic this morning. Chicken pox for the new year will do that to you.

  2. ps - the cat? LOVE it.

  3. Wow that's a pretty patient cat there, letting someone wrap his tail and all. I'm impressed. Also HI I was in DC!! Sadly I was only there for 2 days but yeah, the cab situation was ridic. We ended up walking a very long way, taking Metro, and then walking a whole bunch more. At least it hadn't turned freezing cold yet. Happy new year!

  4. I love that cat video. It's cute when he wags his tail with the wrapping paper on it. :)

    Looks like your New Year's Eve was awesome!

  5. I think I've gone the fake taxi route before. Clearly not the smartest idea (in hindsight), but everything worked out!

    Love the masks, btw!

  6. Sounds like the perfect balance to wanting to celebrate NYE without dealing with the normal pain in the arse crowds at bars!

    Your "cab" story reminds me of college when a friend and I arrived at the train station and there were no cabs to be found. So, we saw a guy we thought we recognized from campus and asked to pay him for a ride. He wouldn't take our money, but did deliver us back to campus in one piece!

  7. You know how to party! I love it!

    I have never known anyone to attempt to wrap their cat after watching that vid. Hilarious!

  8. I didn't know it was hard to get a cab after midnight on NYE *either* until I was told by a friend it would be a four HOUR wait. Oof.

  9. OH LOOK. There is a project for you and moi when I come over to your place next: RECORD OLIVER GETTING WRAPPED (we can totally do a valentine's day theme).

    So glad you all got back home ok and you all look BRILLIANT! Love the masks!

    Also, let's never grow up, mmmmk?

  10. I LOVE that video.

    And I have totally paid a random guy with a car to take me (well, *us*, I was not by myself) home from DC on New Year's. I am reasonably sure he actually was a hired car, as it was $100, but even if he wasn't, it was WORTH IT. (You know, since I didn't get raped and murdered. Had I been raped and murdered it would have been significantly less worth $100.)

  11. My cat would *always* climb on the paper but never sit still long enough to be wrapped like that cat. Amazing!

  12. I will give you credit for not getting a ride from an ax murderer, and instead applaud you for finding a safe ride home! $35? I should have hired out on NYE! Think how many rides I could have sold!

    PS: My word verification is "addarden" which totally made me think of ADD garden... which made me wonder what a garden would look like if my ADD kid worked it...
    Please college, start soon! Going crazy with 3 students still here!

  13. Oliver, wrapped. I expect a cool video online next Christmas. Please?

  14. A place to sit down on NYE is awesome. I had one (though no view of the burlesque show). At least you got home ok! Could have been kinda scary, right?

    If I tried to wrap my cat Dot she would claw the shit out of me. Maybe Dash would let me...I did get a Santa hat on him for about 30 seconds.

  15. Posts like this (and many others) make me so envious of your life. Mine seems quite dull in comparison. Which is okay, I love my life, but the grass is always greener...

    Happy 2012!

  16. I want a cat now just so I can wrap it in wrapping paper.

  17. love your feather mask! glad you had a great NYE, paying extra to sit is annoying, but can be super worth it.

  18. Happy new year!! Love the masks...