November 08, 2011


i'd been meaning to write about our Fakesgiving feast for ages now... and what do you know, now that my mom has her own blog, she scooped me.

(given that this happened an ENTIRE MONTH ago, i can't exactly hold it against her.)

thanksgiving is a Very Important Holiday at our house. the only time one of us has missed thanksgiving - in 31 years - is when i lived in france for a year during college, and it was cost-prohibitive to fly back for a weekend. (my poor sister, who lives in california on a PhD salary, is still required to cough up the cash to fly cross country for thanksgiving each year.)

but THIS year is the wedding in sri lanka. which, come on. i can't NOT go to that. when i broke the news to my mom, i couched it by pointing out that if SHE had the opportunity to go to sri lanka for a three day long wedding, even SHE would bail on thanksgiving.

(she agreed.)

so instead, we found a weekend in october where the whole family could meet up - my sister happened to be on the east coast, chris and i were able to drive up from va - and recreate thanksgiving nearly two months early.

one problem with having it so early? it was 80 freaking degrees that weekend. INCORRECT THANKSGIVING WEATHER.

but we still had a turkey!

..albeit it a slightly small turkey, since normally it would have had another 2 months of life ahead of it to fill out. whoops.

and, of course, as seen in that picture of me & my sister, the legendary truffled quail eggs to start (deviled eggs, but made with wee quail eggs, and also truffle butter). i say "legendary" because several of my friends have now tasted these eggs, and reminisce frequently and wistfully about them. they're that good. they're also a staple of any family get together at our house.

the one surprising benefit of having thanksgiving so early is that i'm ready for the christmas season far sooner than normal. i usually get very clenchy and grinch-like about christmas decorations / sales / music / shopping occurring before (real) thanksgiving... but this year, since i've already HAD thanksgiving, i'm ready to start pinning christmas decorations on pinterest, and start planning my (soon-to-be-) annual cookie party. i've even - you may want to sit down for this - bought one or two christmas gifts. ALREADY. I KNOW.

i hope all of your thanksgivings are as lovely as mine was!


  1. I'm pretty sure our Fakesgivings were the same weekend. It is my favorite holiday of the year and a slightly wacky aunt decided it'd be prettier in October than late November. However, it was in the 80s and very few of the leaves had yet changed. Fail. Oh well. Glad you got to see your family for a rearranged Thanksgiving and that you get to go to Sri Lanka for a wedding (HELLO!!!).

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time. Truffled deviled eggs sounds delicious!

  3. That looks fantastic - and I love the tradition!

    I'm also now dying to try those truffled quail eggs...



    Can't wait for the cookie party!!! Yay! You know I'm going to make one or ten tissue pom poms for that.

  5. Would your mom like to come visit me for Thanksgiving? I would gladly cede the kitchen to her!

    Fakesgiving is an awesome idea. So is a cookie party -- although I notice you didn't start this tradition until AFTER I moved away...

  6. Your family is so sweet! And those eggs ... Whoa. They sound amaaazing.

    Also, I'm fairly new on pinterest ... How do I find you?

  7. I love the early thanks giving idea! I immigrated to Australia a few years ago and they do not celebrate thanksgiving (and it being spring and all) it always seems really weird to me!

    Yay for being able to celebrate with family anyway though!

  8. Oh my Lawd that turkey looks awesome.
    Good luck and have a great time on your travels!