October 31, 2011

happy halloween!

you guys, i am SO DISAPPOINTED how many people in DC did not know who chris & i were.

and i don't mean i'm upset they didn't recognize us on sight. i'm upset that even when we said "oh, we're Princess Buttercup and the Man In Black!" people stared at us blankly.


Drop. Your. Sword.

this did not prevent us from having a good time, obviously.

but you know, it means one of two things: (a) people around here are lame; or (b) the argument "but everyone in my generation has seen it!" doesn't work when perhaps the majority of people going out for halloween are not, in fact, from your generation anymore. (ouch.)

check out our friends the goslins. they MADE THESE COSTUMES. with their hands.

the wig. she made it. herself.

we had a delightful night though. we started the night at a coworker's party (where, um, we were sort of the loud/drunk crew at an otherwise refined cocktail party. sorry coworker!) then headed to Recessions, which, it turns out, is a Goth club on Saturdays.


we also met the Hamburgler on the metro:

and then met up with our friend joe Captain Jack Sparrow, who brought along Hercules. we also picked up a pharaoh along the way.

the Dread Pirate Roberts and Captain Jack Sparrow in one place?! we were some lucky ladies.

the saddest part of this people-not-knowing-the-princess-bride thing was that my masterful rejection of a suitor at Recessions went completely unappreciated. while i was wandering back toward my friends (and boyfriend) on the dance floor, a guy dressed up as some sort of geek/nerd/scientist stopped me and started hitting on me.

me: oh, i'm sorry, but i'm here with the Man In Black.
scientist: yes, but i'm so SMART! i bet i'm smarter than he is!
me [earnestly]: oh no, you see, he beat the Sicilian.

at this point i was rescued from his uncomprehending stare by the arrival of my Westley, but come ON. that should have been an amazing rejection.

happy halloween, everyone! please post pictures of yourselves in costume for me now!



    Also, I've never seen "The Princess Bride." Don't kill me.

  2. Hi, my name is Inigo Motoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Work has gotten into my brain. I need a buttercup. Self destruction in 3-2-1.


  3. I love all the costumes! We still have not seen The Princess Bride. I thought you were Rapunzel and Zorro.

  4. I died a little inside on your behalf! I knew immediately who you were, and your costumes are awesome!

  5. Is that an ROUS I spy? Great costumes! Looks like an awesome time, and yes, BEST REJECTION EVER.

  6. Your costumes, and Jack and Sally's, are AWESOME. It saddens me GREATLY that there are people who have not only never seen The Princess Bride, but who have never even heard of it.

  7. I need to watch The Princess Bride again, because I can't remember... well, hardly anything. *sigh*

    You look great! And those homemade costumes? AWESOME.

    I'm lame. No costume. But I do have candy to hand out tonight and I *did* go kayaking today. Hopefully that makes me less lame, esp. after I watch The Princess Bride again.

  8. Great costumes! I know *at once* who you were. The world disappoints sometimes, doesn't it? Still, good job! And excellent rejection!

  9. the Goslins RULE. Gah I'd never be able to do something that awesome. You and the man in blacked rocked as well. Happy Halloween!

  10. This is terrible news. I feel the need to pull out both the movie and the book and begin educating my children about The Princess Bride immediately. I love your ROUSes!! You guys look great.

  11. I've read the book AND seen the movie! Your costumes are brilliant and the rejection in the bar should have been AWESOME!

  12. el-e-e, I'm pleased to tell you that both of my children are well versed in Princess Bride.

    Also, I educated one of my (very young) co-workers on the fact that Inigo Montoya and Gideon on Criminal Minds are both Mandy Patinkin characters. Clearly, I am doing my part to educate the world on all things Princess Bride! HAHA!

    Alice, your costumes are awesome!

  13. I love your costumes!! I can't beleive that so many people didn't get it... Vrey sad.

  14. That's so sad people didn't get it! You even have the ROUS!

    And you're right - that rejection line should have been fantastic and well appreciated.

  15. You guys look amazing! And I knew exactly who you were before you even said it. Love all the costumes--looks like you guys have really fun friends!

  16. Looks like y'all had an awesome time! :)

  17. If I ever have a child, they will be forced to watch the following:

    -Princess Bride
    -Star Wars
    -Indiana Jones (first three)

    YOU GUYS LOOKED AWESOME. And anyone who didn't know who you were have no excuse. They need to be punched.

    I also hearts the Gozes. They look so friggin' perfect in those costumes.

  18. I am disgusted that so many people didn't know who you guys were. Even AFTER you told them outright. What is the world coming to? Those people deserve to be tortured in the Pit of Despair.

    And that "besting the Sicilian" line was so perfect and insanely clever. You deserve an award of some sort for that one. Even if the guy didn't get it. He obviously wasn't as smart as he claimed.

    Love the ROUSes. If I saw you guys at a party, I'd immediately have to come over and make myself your best friend. I LOVE The Princess Bride SO MUCH!

  19. I am terrible about remembering movies and lines from movies. That said, I looked at the two of you and was pretty sure it was the Princess Bride. Doesn't look like you let the incognito costume put a damper on the fun festivities of the night, though!

  20. I would have known you on sight! Great costumes!

  21. Perfect costumes! The line about the Sicilian cracked me up. I can practically hear Wallace Shawn screaming it. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA---


  22. You even had an ROUS on your dress?! I LOVE IT. Anyone who didn't know instantly who you are needs to be flogged. I mean seriously! It's only like the best movie of all time.