October 03, 2011

belated bloggery

first off: big news!


yes, just five short* weeks after the earthquake, the gaping holes in multiple walls have been filled, sealed, and repainted. it's like we live in a normal house again! that doesn't require chicken wire nailed to the exposed studs to prevent cats from getting into water heater closets! ahhhh, luxury. we haz it.

*not at all short.

in completely unrelated news, i had a lovely weekend a while ago out at some virginia vineyards to celebrate my friend olivia's birthday.

this is olivia. isn't she gorgeous?

her lovely husband offered to drive the family minivan as a makeshift drunkbus, which i found pretty hilarious. here are three fully grown women crammed into the backseat of a minivan, on our way to a day full of drinking. in a minivan. i don't know what about that i find so hysterical, but i do.

our first stop was corcoran vineyards, where the tasting includes a LOT of wine.

not even all the wine.

only a few of us went for the full tasting. olivia and i were among those brave souls, naturally.

check out that photobomb! well played, cindy :)

corcoran ALSO has started a brewery, turns out. so of course we also went there.

i have to admit that i hardly tried any of the beer - i was still reeling a bit from the wine tasting (which they rushed us through - they had a big group coming in after us, i guess, so they basically forced us to chug the last several [generously-sized] tastes). so i mainly careened around the group taking pictures and making dorky finger guns when we got the beer pourer to take a group shot.

the whole drinky group

it was a GORGEOUS day for drinking. and probably also for other things too.

the oversized pours + forced chuggage took its toll, unfortunately, and we cut the day short after just the one vineyard (plus brewery).

judging by this photo, it was probably a good time to stop.


  1. I'm not even sure what's happening in that last picture but I love it! LOL! I'm guessing dude is an angry bull and your heroic birthday friend is sacrificing herself by throwing her body in front of you to save you from the bull's angry, damaging horns. I am a genius at deciphering random drunken photos at a winery. Where is my award for such geniusness? ;-)

  2. What's funny to me about this post is that if I did not have a 7-month-old and no babysitter, I'd have been in these pictures.

  3. Day drinking is so awesome--always reminds me of college and tailgating and irresponsibility. You know, the good ole days. The fact that it was paired with a minivan? Priceless.

  4. The thing about wine tasting is that I never spit it out and so I always get drunk.

    Good times!

    Your friend is very pretty.

  5. How lovely! You have awesome friends, don't you? & yes, Olivia is gorgeous.

    HOORAY for walls! Are the cats bummed?

  6. YAY for walls!! Does this mean I can come over and visit again? And watch Oliver do weird things?

    I don't know why but I LOVE that picture of the wine bottles. So pretty and colorful.

    Drunky pictures are the BEST!

    p.s. Elephant balls.

  7. What a beautiful day for wine and friends. Couldn't ask for anything else!

    And yayayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay for walls!!! May life return to normal (or as close to normal as you get - ha!).

  8. Yours didn't show up in my feed either...I just noticed this on Twitter. What is going on!

    I think that that mini van is probably the most awesome one I've ever seen.
    And I like your dorky finger guns. They make me giggle.

  9. YAY for walls!!! I'm sorry that it took so long, but at least you have them once again. Take THAT earthquake!

  10. I always drove my minivan to Virginia wineries. (But then, I never was the recipient of oversized pours...)

    Your pics make me miss NoVA.
    Yay, Walls!

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