June 05, 2011

i decorated my wall! sort of!

remember how a while ago, i asked for your input on printing out some photos for a large, awkward blank wall in our house? including this highly accurate sketch of the wall?
i finally went ahead and ordered the prints! aaaaaaand after all that hemming and hawing and trying to match another print with the black & white amsterdam bike prints, i decided maybe the wall COULD handle some color and for the love of god i would never find one that matched those bikes ANYWAY so, uh, now we have this:

(do you see that situation i was working with, by the way? so much extraneous shit on the wall!)

so, um, that's a very hard wall to take a flattering picture of, turns out. it doesn't look QUITE so sad in person. i hope. i wanted to get a picture of the whole wall (so you could see! the SITUATION! so many vents and switches) but it sort of makes the prints look tiny and pathetic.

ok, now i'm all self conscious about my prints again. let's just pretend this conversation never happened.


  1. I think the phots look great!! Nice work!

  2. Beautiful photos, I think it looks great!

  3. Those are beautiful! But good god, they couldn't have put that GIANT vent somewhere else? Like, in a shrinking machine?

  4. All that weird stuff on the walls reminds me of military housing.

    But I LOVE the prints you chose to hang there. Great job! :)

  5. i think the prints look great, but more so I think whoever designed that wall is an idiot. Soooo many things, so randomly and not efficiently placed. For shame wall builder, for shame.