April 03, 2011

fix my house for me! again!

so here at chris's house, we have a spare bedroom that is small and awkwardly laid out from a where-to-put-things-so-they-don't-block-windows perspective. as a result, the layout that you'll see below is the only way my crap fits in there, so rearranging the furniture is not currently an option.

that being said, what the HECK am i supposed to do with this big window??

it's killing me a little that the layout is so uncentered around that nice big window but there's nothing i can do about that right now. what i CAN do is put up curtains. uh... somehow. or.. something else? i.. don't know?

i suspect that putting normal curtains up will... not work. it will just accent the non-symmetry of the layout. but that sad bare side of window casing needs something, right? i ghetto-hung some fabric up on JUST that side. is this an option?

(obviously my first choice would not be a curtain the same color as the wall, and also too short. this is for hypothetical visualization purposes only.) but if i put a curtain rod up over the window, and hung just ONE curtain, would that be.. OK? a terrible idea? what if i sort of swagged the fabric over the top of the curtain rod and then had it hang down that bare side? sort of like this idea, from a place where i lived many moons ago:

or something else entirely that's a far better idea that i didn't think of because i'm terrible at this? please remember, suggesting i rearrange the furniture is NOT a useful tip because it's just not in the cards at the moment. that said: help meeeee!


  1. I would suggest putting the head of the bed in front of the window and putting curtains up. Kind of like this:


  2. I love love LOVE your asymmetrical curtain idea.

  3. I like your last picture and think that would look good.
    I'd probably just put up a regular window treatment and call it a day.
    (Hypothetically. because we've lived here over 3 years and don't have curtains in any of the rooms except bedrooms. )

  4. I think the kitty in the room is all the decoration you need!

  5. Oooh I wanna see more pictures of the new place! Sadly I have no help to offer on this problem though. Good luck!

  6. I have a large window in my living room. I just hung up a long drape on either side and did fancy tie backs. I'm one of these everything needs to match and be even people so I'm not sure I could handle the above picture but it doesn't look bad at all.

  7. I so totally stink at any sort of interior design/decorating etc. Positively HORRIBLE.

    So, I'd say that you are giving this some thought means it is guaranteed to be pretty good!

    Good luck!

  8. What if instead of putting the curtain just from end to end of the window, you put it from wall to wall? I'd also hang it up higher than the top of the window so it creates height. If you can't find a curtain long enough, sew patterned material to the bottom and use that same material to make tie backs.

    I'm much better at this when I can see it in person.

  9. I'm with Sizzle. Do the "high and wide" ala YoungHouseLove.

    That said, I'm not sure what's wrong with it the way it is?

  10. I'm with Sizzle. Do the "high and wide" ala YoungHouseLove.

  11. I'm much better at this when I can see it in person.