January 04, 2011

one last 2010 post SO SUE ME

Jess did an awesome roundup of her 2010 trips on her blog last week, which seemed like a darn good idea to me. And also means i don't have to come up with my own topic. Score!

Without further ado, my 2010 trips:

In February, Chris and i went to Williamsburg and i got to see my friend Shannon:

i also went to New Orleans in February, to see pseudostoops run her half marathon:

April had a trip with Chris to Charlottesville to attend Gold Cup:

In May was the first of two Vegas trips, this time as a girls' weekend:

...a trip to Cali to see my friend Carrie and her gorgeous daughter Miss Leyba:

...and a weekend spent in San Francisco with Chris, to see my sister and attend Bay to Breakers:

In July, we had another girls' trip, this time to Annapolis:

..followed by a trip to the Homestead with Chris to celebrate our first anniversary:

August was another busy month, starting with NYC to celebrate a girlfriend's wedding shower:

...a family vacation to Montreal:

...another trip to Vegas to celebrate my friend Christina's birthday:

...AND our annual girls' weekend in Dewey Beach for our friend Alyssa's birthday:

In September - also the fifth weekend straight traveling for me at that point - Chris and i went to Cleveland for one of his friend's weddings:

(fyi: is very windy on the shore of Lake Erie.)

In September I went up to NJ for the wedding that went with the August shower:

And then, of course, back home to NJ for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I think i like this even better than the questions meme.


  1. What a great post and a great year!! Love all the pictures!

  2. Woohoo! Great travel year! I know you'll have hoards more for this year!

  3. Love this idea. And I'm totally jealous you went to so many cool places!

  4. Definitely better than the questions meme!!!

  5. So fun! I love all your pictures and you & Chris are so stinking cute together!

  6. WAYYYYYYYYY better than the questions meme! I always skim/skip the questions one (TOO GD LONG), but I looked at all your pictures. Also, your boyfriend is cute, and are you ever going to dish to us about HOW YOU FEEL and if you're in LOVE-love and if there have been talks about THE FUTURE and so forth? Nosy minds want to know! Even if that makes me sound like someone's mother-slash-grandmother!

  7. Dude.I'm totally with Swistle on the boyfriend thing. Dish.

    Also, love this post. My travel post would be very, very short.

  8. hot boyfriend pics!

    and SO many wonderful travel spots! And I thought I had a good travel year? Wow, you definitely beat me on that one.

    oh great, now I'm getting that travel itch.

  9. LOVE the whole post, but especially the TABLE PICTURE!! I love pictures of a set table, especially at the holidays, especially one as pretty as that! :)

  10. also agree with Swistle and Devan. ;) PRESSSSURRRRE!

  11. Thank you, I am a meme genius ;-)

    Now everyone GET ON IT. I wanna see pics/get travel ideas for this year!

  12. Lovely recap! And such awesome pictures. You went on quite a few amazing trips last year. And it's only gonna get better this year with your international trips planned. Looking forward to reading all about it.

  13. girlfriend you had a fabulous year!

    pretty lucky lady i wonder what'll be next ;)

  14. A busy year! And I hope it's not awkward of me to tell you that your boyfriend is hot. ;)

  15. Shall I just repeat what everyone else has written? Great pics, hawt, DISH! and travel envy.
    Also, that is a humongous and delicious looking turkey, and the table looks gorgeous.

    I might steal this idea for my own blog.

  16. I think this is a GREAT post. You travel even more than I do. Totally stealing this for next week once I get HOME from Atlanta.

  17. What a great way to sum up your year!! Wishing you many awesome travels in 2011 - I know how you love them!

  18. What an awesome travel year! WE LOVED SEEING YOU! And hope to see you again soon! xoxoxo

  19. Aww, shucks...thanks for coming to BOTH events! (visits with Liff = should happen more often in 2011)

  20. You are a travelin' lady!