November 02, 2010

rally & halloween in pictures

on saturday morning, marie and i got up bright and early to do this:

it was great. crowded, insane (irony!), and involving the most ridiculous metro ride i've ever taken in my life to get there, but very fun and it was energizing to be a part of it.

then i went home and slept for two straight hours.

THEN i got up and got ready for our halloween party, which went a little something like this:

in other words, one of the best freaking halloween parties EVER. even more awesome photos here. did you guys dress up? i want costume pictures!


  1. Is that man... covered in moss?

  2. ha! yes! he was a sniper wearing what is apparently called a "ghille suit," eg the big ol' pile of moss you hide under while you shoot people.

  3. This is awesome. So jealous you got to go to the rally!

  4. Wow - great costumes!

    Love the rally pics - how cool!

  5. Awesome rally pics AND Halloween pics. Your costume party looks like it was a blast.

    I was the BP oil spill for Halloween. Pics on my blog.

  6. You were at the rally? Funny, I didn't see you there. Why didn't you say hello? ;)

  7. You mean you don't like being packed into a metro train like a sardine??!

    Yeah me neither.

    But hooray it was hoards of fun!! Let's do this again next year. :D

  8. P.S. I should have made a sign that said "I hate tights" so as to counter the "I hate pants" sign.

    Or something.

  9. I don't remember where else I commented, but I loved the rally signs. The only common thread between all of them was that they existed.

    Also - love the costumes!

  10. I'm so glad we gave up on the Metro. We never would have made it into DC if we'd stayed in line (and that was just the exit ramp from the highway). There was plenty of parking at GWU, even if it was a hike to get to the Mall.

    I'll have to stop by and visit your pictures later, but the costumes look great!
    I dressed up for the Halloween parade on Sunday night. I'll post a picture on Thursday. (I might be participating in NaBloPoMo. We'll see.)

  11. Great rally pics- I'm jealous of everyone that got to go!

  12. Insanely jealous of the rally attendance. Well, that and the star embedded in your skull.