December 22, 2009

snow! movie! giants game! christmas!

so obviously i'm highly behind the times here, but OMG YOU GUYS IT TOTALLY SNOWED IN DC LAST WEEKEND! and for what was a pretty laid-back, snowed-in weekend, a respectable amount has gone on in the past few days. the first, obviously, being Snowpocalypse 2009! aka snOMG dc, aka THE STORM OF THE CENTURY, aka the Blizzard of 2009! etc etc etc.

i pretty much ignored the news, because dude. around here they forecast 3" of snow and the entire region PANICS!!!! and clogs the stores to buy out the entire dc metro region's supply of bread and milk and they preemtively cancel school the next day... and then it rains overnight. so despite the dire warnings of NO SERIOUSLY GUYS, WE'RE SERIOUSLY SERIOUS THIS TIME, IT'S GONNA SNOW I SWEAR, i.. didn't really believe them.

turns out i should have, for once!

this was at about 1p on saturday.. it continued snowing for the entire rest of the day and kept accumulating. we ended with about 20" - 2 feet around me.

and, funny story? the new snow removal company our building JUST contracted? never showed up for the whole weekend! so we were quite literally snowed in, as you can't really plow a wee civic through 20" of snow.

but on friday night, right when the snow started... man, it was gorgeous. we decided to go see avatar that evening and since it had just started to snow, we opted to metro to foggy bottom and walk the mile to the georgetown theater. the snow was coming down in huge fluffy flakes, everything was silent and coated in a layer of pristine white, and the neighborhoods seemed to be glowing from all the ambient light reflecting off the falling snow. it's was absolutely beautiful.

(also, the movie? HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS. go see it. go see it in 3D. seriously. GO GO GO.)

by sunday, though, i was pretty over the snow. especially since i was supposed to host a party at my house and had to cancel it due to the metro being shut down and my lot still being completely unplowed. i was SO sad about this. i had prepared all week, bought decorations, made plans for all sorts of fun drinks, baked cookies... and then had to cancel. and since no one got to see my house all clean and decorated, i'm making you guys witness it instead.

so that was disappointing. but due to my fantastic boyfriend i did not stay sad for long, because he had obtained tickets to the redskins-giants game on monday night! you all probably know how that turned out, but let me refresh your memory just in case...

45! to 12! one of the most awesome games to watch EVER (as a giants fan, i mean. i imagine it was not really watchable as a skins fan). BOY HOWDY was it cold being outside for 6 hours that night, but so totally worth it. 45-12!!!

i'm now back in NJ at my parents house where we're preparing for the Christmas Eve festivities. so far our christmas tree came crashing down - fully decorated - at 6:30am this morning, and i've spent a large portion of the day cursing about work issues. however, we have a lot of christmas cookies. and we've tied the tree to the wall behind it (seriously!) so hopefully it's up for good now. i hope you are all home with your families too, or will be shortly. have a wonderful holiday weekend, everyone!


  1. Is that your car buried under all that snow?
    My 18yo hasn't yet dug his car out. He parks on the side of the garage (dh & I park IN the garage) and when we shoveled the driveway, we sort of tossed the snow into the path he would normally drive... bwahahahaha

    Have a wonderful Christmas (did your cats knock down the tree?) and be glad you are a Giants fan.

    I don't think there are any Skins fans left... and Seattlites are embarrassed for providing Jim Zorn.

  2. I totally wish we got that much snow. We've been getting this rainy/icy mix for the last 24 hours and it royally sucks. Wah!

    No matter what the weather, have a great Christmas, my friend! xoxo

  3. I am sorry your party was canceled---the snow looks so pretty! Merry Christmas.

  4. Your house was so pretty! I am sorry no one got to enjoy it but us.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Love your house decorations!! And yay for your fantastic boyfriend!

  6. I love your beautiful decorations! I am sorry the party was canceled.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. The decorations are so pretty! My apartment's decorations involve lots of imagination and alcohol; however, the parents' place has great decorations that make me very happy and Christmas-y.

    Speaking of, Merry Christmas! I hope today is full of hugs, smiles, cookies, and lounging about.

  8. Totally jealous of the snow. Have a wonderful time at home with the fam and a very Merry Christmas!!

  9. You know, it's getting too easy to mock the hometown squad. They're finally at the point where it's no longer fun to make fun of them.

    Glad you had a good weekend despite the inclement weather.

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  11. I was in lurve with Snowpocalypse. I want another.

    But this time? On a MONDAY.

  12. holy mother that snow is ridiculous! happy new year lady!

  13. So we should be getting some snow this week...I'm just hoping it's not another blizzard because I'm NOT going to stay in again and eat myself out of boredom.

    It would probably be best to go get some stuff from the supermarket though. Just to be on the safe side.

  14. i love this post. your would-be party looks awesome, dude. next time!

    in other news i am also in new jersey and i also hope your holidays (went) super well and. yes. go giants.

  15. Aw look I saw LiLu's card on the mantle!

    I wish I had a mnatel for my cards.