September 08, 2009

like any of you didn't know about the pole dancing already..

hello, friends! oh internet, i've missed you. you know how you read about bloggers who get addicted to the internet, and their friends and family are pissed at them because they've got an open laptop on their knees at all times and can't disengage enough to enjoy family functions or whatever? yeah, i am so NOT like that. on weekends, evenings, vacations... i check my email every once in a while, or if i have my work pda handy i'll make a couple of twitter updates, but i am pretty much only present online if i'm at work.

uh, i mean i do nothing but work VERY VERY HARD while i'm at work. obviously.

so between dewey beach, the outer banks, a week in california and then a long holiday weekend? umm, hopefully nothing too important has happened in your lives because i totally haven't read about it. i'll catch up today though! or maybe mark all as read. one or the other.

so! onwards! i didn't end up going to st maarten this weekend after all, which i'm really highly ok with because HOLY HECK did i need a break from all that travel. it was awesome to have a nice 3 day weekend at home, where i could sleep in my own bed and have my own things and not be on a plane ever or in a car for more than 30 minutes at a time. i saw friends, had a bunch of drinks, and went to a nats game.

and, um, also continued with the ol' pole dancing classes.

i realize most of you already know about this since i twitter about it every 35 seconds, but for those of you who aren't my twitter buddies? there you have it: i take aerobic pole dancing classes once a week, AND I LOVE IT. the classes are super fun, really difficult, and i'm building far more upper body strength than i've ever had in my life. and believe you me, it makes an EXCELLENT talking point at parties.

anyway! i've been doing this since january now, and have just started level 5. apparently this is the level where we go from "fun" to "insane." case in point? please to see the following highly skilled artistic rendering of what i was supposed to do last night:

that is someone HANGING UPSIDE DOWN from a pole, using only their INNER THIGHS to keep them from crashing head-first onto the hardwood floor beneath them. you may have also noticed my personal thoughts on the matter. some of you are probably thinking "yeah, but thighs are a pretty strong muscle group! that's probably not as hard as you're making it sound."

well. i'd also like to remind those people that most of our inner thighs aren't out and about in public all that often, which means we have soft little tender baby skin there. and holding up your entire body weight using, in large part, the friction of that skin pulling against a pole...? NOT AWESOME. i'll, uh, leave you with that image now. you're welcome.


  1. Ow!ow!ow!ow!ow!ow!

    I have better things to do with my thighs.

    Who said that?

  2. Y'know, I bet your head is feeling left out, though: "She bruises the shit out of the rest of her body, why doesn't she bruise ME?"

    Left Leg: "Really, Head, it's not all that it's cracked up to be."

    Also, my captcha is "Reafers."

  3. HAHAHA!!! I've always wanted to take those classes, but I don't think they're offered around here. Damn bible belt.

  4. OK, I was definitely NOT thinking, "That must be easier than it looks! HA HA HA." I cannot even climb UP a pole, or a rope, or anything. Much less... HANG from one. UPSIDE DOWN. OMG.

  5. I think we need a photo of this. In fact, have you ever posted a photo of you from your class? I think it's time.

  6. Vaseline is a girl's best friend.

    Or is that cheating?

  7. But vaseline will cause a girl to fall on her head.

    I really wanted to enjoy the pole dancing class I took, but I just don't need to hear that much about my "poonanny"...ever.

  8. I'm a little concerned because I think I remember hearing that my SIL was taking a class like this...
    and GOOD GRIEF, girl, that is some serious work! Like, if you ever need a different job... ROTFL

    I think I'll stick with my original plan and someday take a belly dancing class.

    Also? My wv is "hotedso" Now I wanna know who or what is "edso" because dang, that's hot!

  9. I bet it made a pretty kick ass sound too.

  10. Glad to see that you also entirely unplug and enjoy your life from time to time. =)

    And those pole dancing classes are all the rage. I know of another blogger who takes them. Religiously. Is that an inversion you're supposed to be doing or something way more complicated?

  11. Good on you for keeping it up, lady! Just wait until you learn how to crawl up the pole while upside down! (It's called a caterpillar in our studio.)

    You'll find that hanging upside down without holding with your hands is less taxing on your inner thighs as you get more comfortable... now have you done a layback - holding with your inner thighs from a seated position and then laying back and grabbing the pole from behind your head? Yeah that one is pretty intimidating!

    You should come down to Atlanta at some point for a weekend class with me! :)

  12. OUCH! Dude, my thighs are crying for you in sympathy.

  13. This makes me reconsider the idea of taking pole dancing classes at Flirty Girl Fitness with Katie.

  14. First of all, I think your drawing should be on a billboard ad for that class. Second, I want to take that class in another 50 lbs!

  15. That sounds like so much fun! I can't believe you have already progressed so much. That's awesome!

    Great drawing :)

  16. HOLY COW! I kind of want to try it now... for the arm strength. But I'll quit after level 4.

  17. Eeeeeyow! It burns, it burns.

    That being said and sore thighs aside, you are one of the most fun people to go out dancing with.

  18. I had no idea there were LEVELS! And you are on Level 5?? Wow; you're quite the skilled pole dancer now! Thinking of getting a second job yet? ;-)

  19. I REALLY hope they have a pillow or something beneath your head in case, you know, coming crashing down and stuff.

    Good God woman.

    Oh and I've missed you too!

  20. knew a girl who took these classes and ended up installing a pole in her home very much to her husband's delight

  21. HA!

    i think this is something i could never do...