February 19, 2009

please don't divorce my friends.

a lot of you have hopefully seen this already (and signed the petition, if it's something you stand behind) - but for anyone who has not, please watch this video that the courage campaign has put together in an effort to combat Ken Starr and Prop 8 from nullifying same-sex marriages.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

you can sign the petition here if you're so inclined, and donate to the courage campaign here

in other news, marie posted a link today to create your own superhero. i couldn't think of a better way to pass the time during a long conference call this morning.... as a result, i hereby introduce you to my alter ego, the Fantastic Shredding Blade!

your superhero name is chosen for you (i guess based on your weapon and outfit choices??) and i've got to say, i'm pretty pleased with mine. i sound BADASS, no?


  1. A super bad ass!! Let's join forces and kick butt!

    What I mean by "kick butt" is "take a nap." Actually, let's just go kick Ken Starr's butt.

  2. Clearly you created that super hero AFTER you tried uploading that video three gazillion times. Because if Vimeo knew your alter ego super hero, I'm quite certain you would've had success the first time around. =)

  3. SIGNED IT. I signed it so hard, I injured my keyboard.

  4. Man. Ken Starr is just so evil. How much more damage can he DO?

  5. I totally support the lesbian marriage thing. As I have always said, "nothing sexier than two chicks going it at (as long as they are not butchy)".

    So rock on girl!!

    Rick Preser