February 14, 2009

the most romantical valentine's day yet!

i've never been big on valentine's day one way or the other: neither forcing my boyfriend to pamper me with roses and a night out, nor getting bitter about not having someone to give me roses and a night out if i'm single. however, valentine's day being on a saturday this year does seem a TOUCH slap-in-the-face-y, because it means if i go out like i would on a normal saturday night, a) none of my coupled-up friends will be available, because they're busy getting roses and a night out, and b) i'll be surrounded by lovey-dovey couples gazing deep into each other's eyes anywhere i go.

well, maybe not ANYWHERE.

my friend alyssa is brilliant, and suggested we head to hooters tonight for dinner. awwwwwww yeah.

we were also going to see "my bloody valentine 3-D" afterwards, but it turns out it's hardly playing anywhere, and even then, only in the middle of the night. (dear marketers for MBV3-D: you are missing a HUGE opportunity here. for shame.) so alas, no campy gore being flung at us in 3D, but we do still have hooters to look forward to.

we think it's pretty much hilarious. happy valentine's day :-)


  1. Hooters on V-Day = Awesome idea. Just please remember to take pictures!

    If it makes you feel any better, my bf and I are going to work out, pick out a pair of shoes at Macy's which he desperately needs and maybe see Taken. No roses or romantic dinner. Why? Because my gut reaction is always "ick."

    Have a great time!

  2. What a fun idea! Hope you guys have a great time. It IS pretty dumb that a movie about Valentine's isn't playing on, uh, Valentine's Day. DUH.

  3. We are going to a lecture on ocean animal sex!

    Hooters is a brilliant idea!

  4. that is so brilliant and so funny and david claims that hooters actually has good food. this is news to me; i didn't even know he had been in one (it was pre-carrie, evidently).

    we love you!

  5. I agree with Hotch that Hooters on V-Day is absolutely brilliant! I hope you have a fab time!!

  6. I agreed to go on a hike as a gift to my husband...I'm now paying for it with my legs freaking out (I think I have RLS) and I can't sleep. But it was a nice hike. That's all the excitement here --we don't "do" commercial Valentine's Day, although I suggested to my oldest teen that he take his girlfriend out for coffee this morning (which he did, dressed nicely and everything!!).

  7. It's playing here in Bangkok, actually. As I recall, the tagline is something like "Nothing says Valentine's Day like a trip to hell in 3-D!!!!"

  8. I share you sentiments and yes, they missed a huge opportunity.

  9. I've never been to into Valentine's Day. It seems like a forced day to be romantic, you know? We still get each other cards, but that's it. And we spent the day with friends too!