November 06, 2008

the hair! the hair!

and now! i don't have the europe pictures organized yet, but i do have HAIR UPDATES!!

christina brought me to this awesome woman in paris who spends the first 20 minutes of your appointment consulting with you about the shape of your face, and the lines of your neck and shoulders, and the proportions of your features, all of which dictate the type of cut you should have to best frame & accentuate your face. and it's all in this turn of the century, parisian townhouse, not your standard run of the mill salon.

this is the before picture. note how sad i am to have bad hair. :-)

getting the cut...

and voila! i have ze sexy frensh hair! with BANGS OMFG!

this is a little while later, when christina and i were posing with mannequins at the department stores.

i'm still getting used to it, because it is WEIRD AS CRAP to have hair touching my face all day long. i sort of feel like i'm wearing a wig, because the style is soo different, even without the bangs. and my hair is so much FULLER, even though she must have taken off like 50% of it. and, the most exciting part? my hair is wash and wear for the first time in my life. i haven't even blown it dry yet (partly because i was informed that i had to get a diffuser for my normal one, because my hair is so thin that it gets "battered" by the force of the hot hair, which makes it even limper than it should be. such an informative day, i tell you!). and she strictly instructed me not to use any hair products whatsoever, except a bit of face cream (!) rubbed into my hands and then lightly scrunched through my hair to prevent static. THIS IS AMAZING, FOLKS.

so! yay! hair! it is new! VERY VERY NEW. i think i like it. :-)


  1. OMG!! Love, LOVE the haircut!!! You look so adorable! :)

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  3. LOVE the new hair-do! Maybe I should go to Paris and have this woman cut my hair, too?

    But, um, I sure was distracted by the anonymous Poo Blogger. Geez! Get a life! (not you, Alice...the poo-er!!)

  4. OMG! You went to a visagiste! I did that once in france and it did not end NEARLY as well. Your hair looks awesome! (LOVE the bangs. Love.)

  5. LOVE the hair, and what in the fuck kinda message is that by the anon writer?!

  6. face cream?? in your hair?? blows my mind

  7. Oh, it looks charming! Well done you.

  8. Look at you rocking out the short bangs. I never had guts to go with short bangs. You are my hero!

  9. Bangs look so great on you! And seriously where can I find somebody so smart about hair? I have no idea how to do mine. PONY TAILS ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

  10. That haircut is AWESOME!

  11. I love it! It looks great! :)

  12. I like it! I got bangs again about 8 years ago, after swearing I'd never get bangs again.

    Never say never. :)

  13. what's up with the poop comment?!? haha

    regardless your hair looks great! and i love the mannequin pic!

  14. You look verry frrench (rolling my "r"s to sound more french). Can't wait to see it in person!

  15. LOVE the new hair! It looks great!

  16. Your hair looks AWESOME! Such a great cut.

  17. I picked you for an I ♥ Your Blog award. : )

  18. And AGAIN late to the party, but I do very much love the bangs! You are BRAVE for doing it, and for dealing with the hair-on-forehead issue that has kept me from doing any bangs for lo this many years.

  19. IT LOOKS AWESOME! I can't wait to see it in person.