August 15, 2008


it occurred to me shortly after writing that last post how incredibly insane my personal priorities are. like just about everyone right now, i'm feeling the crunch of higher gas prices, higher prices at the grocery store, higher prices everywhere ever (plus double rent and double utilities! roommate for august: did not work out so much). i've made a bunch of cut backs recently: nixed my morning starbucks altogether (RIP, skim chai. i will always love you), reverted to bringing lunch EVERY day instead of "mean to bring lunch but end up eating out with coworkers half the time," no more impulse buys, no allowing myself to go to target since i can't escape that store without handing over the full contents of my wallet, etc.

i've desperately needed new sneakers for a few months now. mine have actual holes in the lining, and it physically hurts my feet to use them. (let's ignore the fact that due to chronic sprained ankles, i shouldn't really be using sneakers right now at all, yes?) but i keep putting it off because in my head, new sneakers are in the "i want" category, and not the "i need" category, even though that's sort of ridiculous.

especially when i don't think twice about going out to dinner four times in one week when it's restaurant week. oops.

money management priorities: FAIL.

although one place i'm pleased to report i finally got my priorities a little more in line: after the past few weeks of working like mad, stressing myself out, and working late hours, i took today as a mental health day and just... didn't go in. at all! it's been lovely! i'm writing this from my couch! and if this rain shower would pass, i'd return to my spot reading by the pool.

weekend priorities: WIN.


  1. Oh, your weekend priorities are RIGHT ON!

  2. Yay for mental health days!!! You deserve it (and more)!

    I know what you mean about the money crunch. Everything is so costly these days that we have to be extra tight with our wallets. But it's OH SO HARD especially when I see a pair of shoes or handbag I like.

  3. I do the same thing with running shoes- I let mine get totally beat to shit before I replace them. But I will drop $100 at J.Crew mindlessly.

  4. It seems you have the right approach to these slightly difficult times we are going through.