May 27, 2008

WWC and weekend recap

first off, the WWC: this week's words were penultimate and entrance. i LOVE the word penultimate, but had a hard time coming up with creative ways to translate it into a picture. so in the end, i decided to keep it in its pure word form and photograph the components:

it was actually really fun wandering around my house finding books and products with the appropriate letters on them that i could photograph.

i apologize for the quality of this next one, but it's from my camera phone. (i lost the darn lens cap to my beloved dslr, so it's no longer feasible to chuck it in my purse and bring it with me on outings.. sigh.) here we have the entrance to the brand new nationals stadium (which i attended on the penultimate day of the long weekend..!):

to get in on the fun, go visit tink!

this weekend was MAGNIFICENT. the weather in dc has been fairly miserable this spring - reverting back to cold, grey, and rainy every 3 days or so, with no prolonged warm (or dry!) spots yet. and then, just in time for the holiday weekend, dc finally produced the glorious spring weather it can do so well when it wants: sunny, cloudless, 80, and no humidity. it was highly fantastic. and i'm pleased to say i did a pretty good job taking advantage of both the long weekend AND the weather.

i started the weekend off with indiana jones on friday night. i don't want to reveal any spoilers for folks who haven't seen it yet, but my overall reaction was more or less one of ".....REALLY?? we REALLY had to go THERE...??" and if you've seen it, YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. i enjoyed it overall, but i can't help feeling let down by the fact that they had to introduce THAT element. it seems like.. i don't know.. stooping. you didn't need to stoop, spielberg! why did you stoop!?

anyway! saturday was spent getting manicures and pedicures with my girl darlene, then heading out in dc for a girls' night of drinking and dancing at that delightfully lowbrow of dive bars, Rumors. (for non-locals: i know you're thinking, "but dive bars are supposed to be lowbrow! it's inherent to their nature!" and i would agree, but oh my heck you have not been to rumors. the tool ratio there is extra high, there are far too many popped collars, and the deck perpetually smells like vomit. however, they play REALLY good music. at one point the music had devolved into the current dance genre too long for our (uh, old-person) liking, so i headed to the dj booth.

me: hi!
dj: uh, hi. what's up?
me: how do you feel about bon jovi?
dj, with huge grin: i feel GREAT about bon jovi. give me 10 minutes.

that went over well with us.

and thus ends the longest paretheticals EVAR.)

on sunday, per the WWC pic above, i went to the new nats stadium for the first time and took in a lovely afternoon game. our seats were under the scoreboard, which is about the only place in the stadium that never gets shady, turns out.

my friend alyssa - who is as pale and burn-prone as myself, which is no small feat - and i each brought our own bottle of sunscreen, and each applied 45+ to ourselves literally every 15 minutes throughout the game. the people in our section thought we were OCD, i suspect. but listen, YOU DON'T KNOW what it's like to burn this easily, folks. i actually got a little burned DESPITE the manic applications, and had i been any more lax with the sunscreen, probably would have ended up in the ER requiring skin grafts. it's a curse.

monday i had some frisbee golf tentatively scheduled which didn't end up materializing... but the weather was still cooperating wonderfully, and i didn't want to waste it. so i metroed down to clarendon, went to barnes and noble and picked up a new book (i'm still going through your recommendations, by the way! i read water for elephants on that trip to nyc - holy crap did i love that one - and finished jodi picoult's second glance a week or two ago as well. i've moved on to special topics in calamity physics now, and so far i'm completely hooked.) then i plonked myself down at a tapas restaurant, applied several coats of sunscreen, and read for a few hours while sipping cava. and munching on manchego and boquerones. EXCELLENT afternoon.

to sum up, i'm pretty bummed to be back at work today, although the weather was kind enough to turn grey and icky once again to help with the transition. how were your weekends?


  1. I can almost HEAR you girls singing, "WHHOOOOAAA, we're halfway there, WHOOOOAAAAA, living on a prayer!".

    Sounds fab. :)

  2. Thank god we finally had some decent weather here. Way to get with the program TWO MONTHS LATE, DC.

    Also, I can't even WALK BY Rumors without shuddering. The popped collars, they will attack me if I get too close. Which is too bad because there's a fantastic Singaporean restaurant on the same block.

  3. Ah, but I DO KNOW the sunburn thing.

    My 14-year-old wants me to take her and a couple friends to the Indiana Jones movie, so exactly WHAT do they stoop to? You can email the answer so you don't give shit away if you want.

  4. Do you ever go to the Black Cat? I went there once when I visited DC and I had a BLAST.

  5. That is a pretty good shot for a cell phone. Sounds like you had a great weekend.

  6. im loving reading about everyones weekends! so fun!

    um and that p word? i got nothing on it! haha

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend, had to be better than mine, right? I LOVE your "penultimate" photo, great way to express such a lovely word. penultimate is one of my favorite words to throw at unsuspecting people. it's a great barometer.

  8. bon jovi lol :-) Love the letters!

  9. Oh, I used to frequent a bar called Rumors back before I was old enough to drink. Good times...

  10. Glad you had a great weekend!

  11. I think it's just so awesome that I know all the places you write about! And you go to the barnes & nobles in Clarendon too?! (Ok, sorry, that sounded real nerdy but I like bookstores.) If you ever want to meet up there for a chat and some coffee let me know!

    The new stadium looks very awesome by the way! And rumors...haven't been there...but have heard stories :) Glad you had such an awesome time!

  12. A buddy of mine works out in DC and I think him and I will try to catch a Nats game if we can. I heard the new stadium is quite keen.

  13. Sounds awesome! I love good long weekends.


  14. I LOVE the collage angle you used! Well done you.

    We went and saw Indiana Jones this weekend as well. I thought it was pretty good. Then again, my expectations weren't that high. Hoop was really pissed off at the ending though. He kept saying, "But how is that believable?!" And I kept saying, "When has Indiana Jones EVER been believable?" ;)

  15. Totally understand burning. So much so I don't go to the pool or beach anymore and I wear sunscreen and hats all the time. I know, I look dorky, but I already have pre-cancerous growths on my arms from years of sunshine as a kid. Dorky = life. And I hate being sunburned. It turns into an itch and I have to spend 3 days hopped up on benedryl. Folks, I'm fair, get a clue.

    And I liked your pictures.

    And I saw Indy this weekend too. I did like how they tied the myans to ummm ... that subject. It was interesting.


  16. I love the collage! Water for Elephants was good eh? I've picked it up and thought about reading it a million times. Perhaps now I will :-)

  17. "how do you feel about bon jovi?"

    -That cracked me up. So did your paranoia about people around you thinking you're OCD with the sunscreen! Lol!

    I burn SUPER easily too, but I don't usually have to re-apply sunscreen that often. Once it's on I'm usually good for a couple of hours.