April 02, 2008

nyc: check! spring: not so much

ah well. yesterday was nice while it lasted. the 30-degree wind chills this morning were less nice.

however: nyc is on! i've secured at least one pull-out sofa to crash on (score!) and have started circulating emails to my nyc crew to see who's around. so the main event will obviously be the parkour niftiness, but can i tell you how awesome it is to have a mom who does what mine does? [skimmers tm: tessie: my mom is a food critic, restaurant reviewer, and food writer. it's EFFING GREAT.] this means that when i get in on friday, i'm going directly to the Beard House for a really, really good (and exclusive!) lunch. my mom knows the chef presenting that day :-)

nyc bloggers: want to get some drinks? :-)

in cruddy news, friday is also the day that my little group of coworkers and i have to move to a different building at work, to be with the rest of our "business unit." this means i am being downgraded from an office, WITH A DOOR, to a cube. and not even a regular cube. it's even... more open than a regular cube. if that's possible. i am NOT PLEASED. i also have no idea how i'm supposed to read or write blogs all day long. i'm seriously worried about this. i suppose they're not going to like me gchatting all day, either? it's like i'm moving to communist china, GOD.


  1. Man when I ask for someone to live vicariously through, you sure do deliver don't you?


  2. Obviously they did not take blogging in mind when they planned that move. The nerve! :)

    I've been in the same desk in the same spot for a long time. If they moved me, I'd freak.

  3. Oh NO. But don't worry, many people blog and gchat all day in cubes. It can definitely be done!

    Yay for New York!

  4. Boo to the cube!!!

    But have fun in NYC. That sounds like a fantastic weekend.

  5. I had to move from an office all by myself to an office with other people, and dude, I do so much less work it's not funny. People! = Distractions! And not the fun kind of distractions either...

  6. Have fun in NYC! I wish my mom was a food critic/restaurant reviewer.

  7. Hurrah for New York! My mum's a social worker - the perks in that are harder to find ;)


  8. WAIT! Who says THEY aren't nervous you're going to interrupt their multiple calls home each day and their many games of Scrabolicious (or whatever that game is)???!!!! Walk in with attitude and confidence and maybe those crappy co-workers will leave you alone. If not, put a well-placed mirror on your monitor to forewarn you of visitors!

  9. I am a big parkour fan, try to do a little myself. (actually I am an addict). I am going to be in NYC watching some demos, but not sure if I can make it out that night.

    I gotz family up North and will probably .

    For those of you who haven't tried it, it is wild, but extremely fisical.

    Enjoy the trip Alice.


  10. Turn the sound down and turn the screen away from the door. You'll manage, I'm sure, but GAH! on the moving of the office.

    How lame.

  11. Have fun! I am extremely jealous of your connection to the food world. That is a dream job of mine, DREAM!!!!

  12. I'm convinced businesses would serve themselves better if they just rented an open floor of a building and put a porta potty in it and said, "Ok, go to work."

    The cubicle is the absolute WORST thing ever invented.


  13. The answer to "do you want to get some drinks" is always yes.

  14. Drinks! Yay! Also, your mom? Can be my new best friend. HAVE FUN HAVE FUN HAVE FUN!