March 28, 2008

when you know, you know

that's what i like telling people at bars when they ask about me and the wife. we get asked a lot if we've known each other since we were kids, when in actuality it hasn't even been 2 full years since we met. people seem a little taken aback that we could be such good friends after only knowing each other for such a short time, so i like to play on the married theme and tell skeptical barflies that hey, when you know, you know. you know?

i honestly don't know what i would have done these past few weeks without my wife. when i found myself sitting at home sobbing, she dropped all her plans and came over every single day after work just so i wasn't alone. she brought food with her, so she could make sure i ate. she's allowed me to crash at her house every night this week - sharing her bed, even - so that i had a place to stay when karl refused to leave my house. she even sent her dog to live at her parents' house for the week, so i could bring oliver the cat with me.

someone left what was maybe meant to be a snarky comment on the wife's blog, about how the wife couldn't possibly be so upset on my behalf unless she were In Love with me. honestly, it's pretty apparent that i'm much better off having the love of my wife rather than the kind of love certain other people carelessly bandy about. everyone should be so lucky as to have my wife in their life.

you sweet and lovely bloggers have given me some blog awards that i hadn't gotten around to acknowledging yet - the E from cheryl at places never planned, the love award from shannon at leaf, probably.., and the above average award from 3carnations at thinking some more.

i'm going to go ahead and just give all three to my wife :-)


  1. The Wife is the best ever.

    Screw Karl - why is he not leaving? He's made it clear who he's choosing, why is he hanging around? Loser.

  2. You guys are so sweet. And one of my bridesmaids is a girl who became one of my best friends within a week of us meeting. Because when you know, you know, and that doesn't just apply to romance. And whoever left the snarky comment on your wife's blog clearly doesn't have any amazingly close friends or isn't an amazingly good friend themselves, because if they were, they would know that it is possible to be that upset on behalf of a friend. Platonic friend love can be the best kind.

    Also, what the eff is up with Karl? Isn't it enough that he cheated on you and broke up with you a week after you signed a lease together? Why can't he get the hell out of the house?

  3. Alice,
    You rock and so does the wife!

    I came out of the closet a couple of years ago and had a very hard time telling the people that I love.

    It is weird how much more comforting love from the same sex (not sexual of course) can be.

    As you said that the wife brought your food and comfort. It makes you feel better. It gives you the strength to move on.

    Glad to hear that you are doing better.


  4. he's officially moving out tomorrow, at least. i'm not sure what his goal was in exercising his "right" to be there until the day his name was taken off the lease, but whatever. vacating for the week was a better solution for me than having to see him every night until he left, especially because if he felt so entitled to the place, i wasn't sure he wouldn't bring the new girl over just to prove a point. but in any case: not worth rehashing at this point, and i get my house back tomorrow night. woo!

  5. Aww, Wife. Sweetest post evar! You're the best - I've been so glad a million times after breakups, bad jobs, etc. that I had you around.

    We're super lucky. Everybody who assumes I'd have to be in love with you to feel this angry and protective when someone dicks you over can SUCK IT.

    Besides, if they really knew me, they'd know I'm WAY nastier to the people I actually have sex with.

  6. I loved your wife's post! I get more up in arms about wrongs done to people I care about than I do about wrongs done to me, so I know where she's coming from.

  7. As they say, men come and go but friends are forever. Don't all women secretly wish they were lesbians? It all seems so much easier...except for the cunnlingus part.

  8. To avoid admitting that I just made a typo, I'll just say that "I don't put the 'i' in cunnilingus." :)

  9. OMG! I so would've been over there as your "representative" to make sure he wasn't doing anything wrong to your stuff while you were gone. I'm sure he would've LOVED me.

    I had to live with an ex for a month after we broke up once, I have experience with his kind.


  10. If only we could all have friends who would drop everything for us. AND, if only we could have friends who really, truly and genuinely appreciate us when we do drop our lives for them. You two deserve each other ... and I mean that in the very best way possible!

  11. Why is he refusing to leave your house? EW. That's great that you have someone supporting you through all this - that is SO important!

  12. Men suck, don't we? In one way or another, to a certain degree, we suck.

    This Karl fellow seems to have fine-tuned suckiness into an art form. Stay strong and live the American dream. Yoooo Joe!

  13. I'm so glad you have someone so wonderful in your life!

  14. What a totally LER-AME remark someone made to Wife! Also, stupid: because if Wife were in love with you, she would be GLAD that you and Karl broke up. Der.

  15. You totally deserve all the awards. And as for people being lame about the Wife...well like I said they are lame.