February 21, 2008


quick fluff post because i have a contract at work that is EATING ME ALIVE and i have been working on it for 2 days straight and GAH. so! bulleted list:
  • you know that whole "la tee dah look at me on my high horse where i only eat nutritious foods" spiel i gave you yesterday? i've already found two loopholes when it turns out i chuck all my principles in favor of delicious, delicious additives: (a) when it's 8p and i haven't eaten dinner yet but i HAVE just gone to an hour long weight class at the gym and I NEEEED FOOOOD NOOOOW, and (b) during hangovers, when obviously i will be needing a delicious, cold, sugary, caffeinated coke. not that i would, uh, know this. on a thursday morning. cough.
  • best license plate ever, seen yesterday: "TO BLAAAVE" hee. makes me giggle every time.
  • i'm addictive!

the lovely JMC from 4weddings and a funeral was sweet enough to bestow the honor. i've decided to go hogwild with my recommendations and go with blogs that i read and love, but where i am a shy, silent lurker so these bloggers likely do not know of my existence. and are potentially not read by most folks who come here, either. but seriously, these ladies are fantastic, even if i don't ever, uh, tell them that, and just go read them in secret:


electric boogaloo


so. new blogs for you, hopefully! and bedtime for me. organic wine was not involved in the production of tonight's post.


  1. What about me? Don't you enjoy reading my blog )-:

  2. I ate half a fluffernutter this week. Yum.

  3. I totally lurk on electric boogaloo too! Go us!

  4. I love that ... To BLAAAAAVE!


  5. When will organic wine be involved in the production of one of your posts?

  6. Just what I need. MORE blogs to add to my reader. ;)

  7. organic wine was not involved in the production of tonight's post.


  8. So, it was just non-organic wine like the rest of us schlubs drink? ;)