January 08, 2008

Best Week(end) Ever

i'm so behind with stuff i wanted to post.. as per usual, i've had multiple computer / tech issues, the most recent of which left me unable to upload pictures to flickr, so i couldn't show and tell about christmas, or post my new year's eve pictures, or the end result of my cat destroying my christmas tree... but! problem (temporarily!) resolved! pictures are back. i know you all are just THRILLED.

so christmas! more on it later, perhaps, but guess what my wife got me? guess! it's so awesome. she knew i was excited about my turn at hair thursday, and knew i was planning to chop off the mop immediately after, SOOOO she got me a hair appointment. and not just with anyone.. with
amalah's fave hair guy up in dc. my appointment is tomorrow. HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT? dear wife, i love you! love, wife.

then! karl got me a fantastic christmas present, too. it was a weekend away at a gorgeous b&b on a remote peninsula on the chesapeake:

this place was amazing. it was literally the last structure before the land ended in a narrow point in the chesapeake. there was a massive cross made out of pier wood at the tip of the promontory, which was sort of creepy, but admittedly made for some stunning photos.

the weather was fantastic the whole time we were there, so we got to take nice long walks and go a little nuts with our cameras.

i don't know how this manages to be a shock to me every time, but WOW i always forget how amazing sunsets are over the water. and i'm one of those ridiculous people who takes basically a time-lapse record of the setting sun, because i'm all "omg! this is beautiful! let me take a picture!" and then 35 seconds later i'm all "wait! this is even MORE beautiful! let me take ANOTHER picture!" and then things spiral out of control from there.

fantastic, fantastic weekend. loved every minute of it. full set here for more shots.


  1. It's a shock because we live on the East Coast where the sun rises over the water instead of setting. You are right that the photos are completely stunning and totally gorgeous. I especially love the last one, of course.

  2. Those photos are SO great! Looks like a completely wonderful weekend.

  3. Ok, so you got the perfect gifts, and it really DOES look beautiful... but... ummm.... don't be mad, but the shadow picture reminded me of someone getting chased by Isaac in Children of the Corn. Which I am TOTALLY sure was not the general atmosphere there, it just means my subconscious is pretty warped. ;)

    And make sure to post pics of your fabulous (I'm sure) new 'do!!!

  4. Awww, looks like you and Karl had a really nice time! Love your criss-cross photos ... really lovely setting for a weekend away!

    And, OMFG, you better take lots of pictures and give us a minute by minute account of your haircut. I've been following you here and on Whoorl and cannot wait for the before and after shots!

  5. i'm new here [all about the hair and can't wait!] so i've tried to figure things out. i'm stuck on karl.

    you have a wife. do you have a husband, too? is he your brother? if so, is he married? cuz a boy who gives great presents is worth his weight in chocolate!

  6. This has nothing to do with your post other than cool sunset.

    Do you ever go to Vienna Inn for chili dogs and beer? Just curious since you are so close. I miss them.

  7. leafprobably8/1/08 4:39 PM

    Nice pics!
    And Woo! Haircut! You'll have to post pictures...

    Also: Blogger is stupid and keeps asking me to sign into wordpress before it puts my comment up. Arrrg!


  8. I'm such a follower.. I just booked an impromptu haircut! I don’t even know what I want but I’m sure something will pop into mind once I sit down (“Blue! With curls. A perm! With one side shorter than the other. And a fringe. A teeny tiny fringe.”)

  9. That is an awesome gift! And oooo...haircut time. I need one of those myself.

  10. You're pretty spoiled these days, huh? Seriously, I'd go for a weekend at a B&B. You should give Karl my e-mail address just in case he's feeling even more generous.

  11. That B&B looks awesome! How fun!

    I went in to my hair appointment last night and said, "I think I'd like to start growing my hair out."

    I chopped it all off and I LOVE IT. HAVE FUN at your appointment!