December 21, 2007

chriiiistmas, chriiiiistmas tiiiime is neeeear

OH MY GOODNESS FOLKS. allow me to take a few minutes to breathe here.



so! hi! how are all of you? i've been:

a) working a million. end of quarter, AGAIN already. wtf?
b) recovering from bronchitis (?!?! where did that come from? who gets freaking bronchitis?)
c) also a sinus infection
d) ok, pretty much nothing else. just working and doing a lot of hacking and snuffling.

i'm sad i didn't take an updated picture of my tree yet to post for you guys, because HOLY EFF has my cat continued to kill it. we currently have no ornaments left on the first 3 feet of the tree, because anything within JUMPING REACH of the cat has been repeatedly batted off, then often destroyed. also i am not sure how there are any needles still attached to any of the bottom branches, because i vaccuum up about 3 small trees' worth in needles every night when i get home. this cat is ridiculous. also awesome.

cat, licking the faucet. which he does ALL THE TIME.

does anyone else sort of do whatever sundry says to do, no matter what? she said to get a sonicare toothbrush... so i did. and i LOVE IT. she also told me (me! personally! i'm sure of it!) to get bare escentuals makeup, so i did! and lo, i love it too, more than one should probably love makeup, especially considering i don't really WEAR makeup that often, but oh my holy hell this stuff is fantastic.

one of the benefits that the bare escentuals company touts for their makeup is how it's actually GOOD for your skin. you can sleep in it! you're doing your face a favor by wearing it! zomg! i wasn't entirely on board with this - i mean, come on, to bed? that's crazy! - but i was pretty sure my face didn't actively dislike having the stuff on. so hey, way to go bare escentuals.

AND THEN. when i joined the wife at her holiday party the other day, i realized on the way home that my makeup was at karl's house, so i stopped at cvs to buy some generic foundation just to last me the night. and OH MY GOD. i forgot how much regular foundation sucks. my face felt awful, the stuff was cakey, and my face ended up breaking out.

to sum up a much longer point that it had any business being: LOVE YOU, BARE ESCENTUALS. mwah. also sundry. the end.

so tonight, whenever i get off work (9pm? 11pm? 3am?) i head home, pack up, and drive home to nj for a few days of family, relaxation, presents, and good times. before coming back to work next wednesday. blast. what are y'alls' plans? (hush. i'm not interested in how "y'alls' " is or is not grammatically correct.)

origami crane / makeshift tree ornament


  1. I worship and adore Sundry. I cannot help it.

    Also everyone keeps asking if AD is messing with the tree/ornaments and I keep saying NO, but the mofo DOGS ARE!

  2. Where's a picture of the cakey foundation? :P

  3. That pic of your cat in the sink is SO FUNNY. I've heard good things about that makeup.

    Hope you feel better!

  4. It's like your cat is drinking from a bottle. Hilarious!

    Have a great time home ... and I'll be eagerly waiting for you right here ... yep, I promise I'll be sitting in the same space when you get back ... cuz I don't get to go anywhere this holiday season!

    Though, maybe I'll treat myself to some bare essentuals while you're gone. Just cuz YOU said so. :-)

  5. Apparently, you and I get bronchitis. I've been hacking for 3 weeks and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

    Anyway, Merry *cough cough* Chriii*wheeze*stmas!

  6. I don't always do what Sundry recommends, but now that Sundry AND you have recommended Bare Escentuals, I think I have to try it. I am NOT KIDDING. You are like, the next Sundry, or something.

    I hope you had a great time in NJ!